General Typical Ailments For Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Metabolisers

Catch cold occasionallyActions are occasionally extreme or explosive
Coating tongue sometimesNormal alertness
Fairly good digestionOccasionally get angry
Hay fever once in a whileOccasional periods of fatigue
Infection once in a whileSometimes experience belching
Maintain normal weightNormal bowel movements
Normal appetiteEyes are set normally in sockets
Normal blood pressureNormal thickening on soles of feet
Normal blood sugar €” not diabetic or hypoglycemicAverage size chests
Normal cholesterol levelFace colors are normal €” not white or red
Normal pulse rate €” 72-80 per minuteSometimes have stomach pains
Normal reactions to insect stings or bitesSeldom have constipation
Normal skin texture €” not too rough and not too softLike a wide variety of food
Occasional acneSometimes have dreams
Occasional asthma attacksHave a fair amount of drive
Occasional cold soresHair is not too oily or too dry
Occasional emotional upsets.Skin is not too oily or too dry
Occasional fever blistersLike fruit, but also like meat
Occasional headaches from eyestrainNormal endurance
Occasional hiccoughsEyelids €” eye slits normal
Occasional indigestionFall asleep within a reasonable length of time
Occasional itching skinNormal amount of sexual passion
Occasional nauseaDon’t mind exercise when there is time to do it
Occasional rash or hives but not oftenGums have normal color tone €” not too light or too pink
Occasional stomach acheSeldom have hoarseness
Occasional sweating
Rumbling or growling of intestines sometimes
Seldom get motion sickness
Seldom have diarrhea
Seldom have insomnia
Seldom have spells of sneezing
Sour stomach sometimes