Sympathetic And Parasympathetic Nervous System

In some people red meats, poultry and fish can stimulate cancer growth and strict vegetables, fruits, salads will have a better result than animal products. These people fall under the vegetarian categories. In others, known as carnivores, the opposite is true and their constitution actually requires the proteins from animals to respond well physiologically. There is also a third group, which is a combination of the two, known as the balanced group.

What has been found, is that people who fall under the vegetarian group, tend to get epithelial cancers. That is the thin layer of the membrane around an organ, which includes cancers of the breast, brain, lung, large intestines, pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc.

The Carnivores however are more prone to immunological cancers such as lymphomas, myelomas, leukemias and severe allergies.

Then the balanced group is comfortable on a combination of fruits and veg, poultry and grains, (animal and plant in other words)

In addition, what the research and comparative studies done by Dr Gonzales, reviewing work of Dr Francis Pottengure and Dr Kelley and others of the past 100 years, determines, is that the Nervous system tends to behave and be dominant in certain ways, also based on the 3 groups mentioned above. To summarise for your information and understanding:

The Sympathetic Nervous system controls your stress system, fight and flight, which will shut down the digestion in order to send blood supply to the muscles instead of to the intestines. It will also ensure that blood is sent to the left hemisphere of the brain for practical thinking and it would increase the heart rate which improves these mentioned responses. The Vegetarian group falls into the category where this nervous system is more dominant in ruling the body functions. The body of the person with this dominant NS, is normally strongly acidic, which has the person tending to prefer vegetarian foods in order to bring the pH balance to his body that will increase the serotonin levels in the brain that improves his parasympathetic nervous system functioning.

The Parasympathetic Nervous system controls your repair and rebuilding system, which works especially at night when sleeping. This system turns on the secretions from the pancreas, it turns on digestion and liver function, thus ruling the digestion, absorption, utilization and assimilation of nutrients. It is also more active in the right brain, which is the creative side. The Carnivores often have this part of the nervous system as more dominant. The body of the PNS dominant person, is normally strongly alkaline, thus resulting in the craving for meats and proteins to “acidify” the body to get its balance.

So what is important, is to actually help the body to balance between these two controlling systems and that is done by eating correctly in order to ensure that the one is not preventing the other from functioning optimally.

You may notice changes within days, but keep in mind, it involves a process of nutrition, mineral balancing, detoxification (it is said that the dying cells that cannot be removed fast enough, can often be the cause of death, not the cancer or disease, so doing coffee enemas until your body is clean, is VERY important) and then supplement based upon your balance at the time. It is a journey that will take time, but by seeing the processes through, correctly matching the metabolic needs of the body, you can get results. This metabolic balancing changes with time as it gets into balance, which means that one will adapt the foods as well.

By looking at the Ailments and food preferences, as well as the Summary of Metabolic Types, it is possible to classify yourself into a category (summarised on the right hand side of the page).