Mission, Vision & Services

Doctors Across Borders T/A Doctors Beyond Medicine (NPO 136-196)

Our Mission:

To serve health care needs across all communities through service, education and community partnerships. Our ultimate goal is to provide a model of disease prevention and a holistically healthy living guide, combining compassion for all individuals travelling the road from chronic disease to health.

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” a journey often littered with misdiagnoses, frustration and despair. Health is normal to the body supplied by quality nutrients. Most health situations result from nutritional deficiencies, toxicity overload, pathogenic infiltration, digestive and biotic imbalances, deficient immune function, poor quality water, to name a few causes. Our focus is to restore natural and optimal physiological functions offering “wholistic” strategies for sustainable healing.

Our Vision:

Doctors Beyond Medicine acknowledged an emerging awareness and recognised the need for an integrated healthcare system that utilises the best of conventional care along with a holistic, integrated alternative medicine. DAB, an interdisciplinary organisation of natural medicine professionals drawing from various systems of healing from across the globe, including natural medicine, herbalism, traditional and allopathic practices thus widening our scope of treatment.

Doctors Beyond Medicine believe in wellness, longevity, and the body’s ability to heal itself when provided the nutrients it may presently be deficient in. The body is made divinely and has inherent, marvellous systems of support that work synergistically to boost ones immune function and heal tissue.We do not treat symptoms, rather, we aim to establish the cause as to why the imbalance / disease manifested. Our treatments are patient specific as opposed to disease specific as we address improper lifestyle habits that lead to imbalance. The unhealthy habits all need addressing for change to begin.

Our Services:

One of the key differentiators is the team’s intimate knowledge of Cancer and dreaded diseases allowing the doctors to offer specialised treatment programs where individuals are treated by means of a “healing journey”, a journey unlike the boundaries of convention where individuals often become generic patients. Each patient is nurtured through an individually tailored and adaptive health and wellness program.

The DBM Doctors provides a variety of additional services including the intervention of dreaded disease outbreaks in a time of crisis or disaster with the inclusion but not limitation of the successful treatment of Cholera, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and have been providing this service for many years, unaided and unfunded.

Our team of professionals work very closely with Governments and other global organisations with regards to the setup and integration of alternative practices by offering our very own medicine, healing protocols and training at designated institutes, this includes the expansion of Malaria and TB clinics into Africa and other countries.

The DBM team offers a medical service to corporate organisations facing ongoing expenses and challenges where staff members fall victim to a variety of dreaded diseases as a result of occupation hazard or environmental exposure. We believe we can assist these organisations by treating and nurturing these individuals back to good health allowing them to continue their employment obligations and thus avoiding all to often situation of temporary disability or medical boarding.

Team members are passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals through education by means of tailored “conscious and lifestyle” talks and workshops where a variety of topics are discussed at these events.

Our Emergency Rescue and Extreme rescue units service the Tsitsikamma and Cape Town districts offering emergency services in the field as well as at corporate, social, sporting and school events.