Kidney Infection

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As the name suggests, Kidney Infection is an infection of the kidneys, mostly caused by bacteria. A kidney infection is also known in the medical field as pyelonephritis. More often than not, an infection in the upper urinary tract usually spreads further and causes infection in the kidneys as well.

The cause is normally a bacterial infection that has spread from the bladder. So it is important that you treat a bladder or urinary tract infection right away to avoid permanent damage to your kidneys. This disease is more common in women as compared to men, due to the difference in our basic anatomy.

Kidney infection symptoms are serious. If you suspect a kidney infection, please visit your healthcare professional. If you don’t treat a kidney infection your kidney could fail.

We assume as you have approached us for an alternative means of clearing your infection that your healthcare practitioner has eliminated the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer

We also assume that you have had no need to use urinary catheters and other such factors as these may also increase the chances of developing this disease.

  • Kidney infection symptoms
  • Sudden onset of chills and fever
  • Dull pain over either or both of the kidneys-this is in your lower back.
  • Tenderness when the area over the kidneys is touched
  • Frequent urination
  • Burning sensation when urinating

Allopathic treatment of kidney infections call for strong antibiotics and if you have already been down that road, you need to ensure that you take a good quality probiotic to normalise the gut as antibiotics don’t only kill bad bacteria, but the good ones as well.

Without the correct bacteria in the gut, one is unable to properly digest food and often a yeast overgrowth occurs.

Urinary Tract Infections are not usually isolated from Kidney Infections. In fact the one usually occurs before the other. In order to ensure that the UTI is cleared, the FAITHTM Drops Kidney Infection Protocol needs to be followed closely.

By dealing with the UTI the Kidney Infection usually clears at the same time.

One needs to pay particular attention to ones diet. A balanced pH diet needs to be followed and in addition to this ALL sugar needs to be eliminated from ones diet in order to succeed.

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