Cancer Guidelines & Warnings

No matter what supplements or treatments you may choose to combat cancer, you must first establish a good foundation. While vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements may help you beat the symptoms of cancer and help boost your immune system, the diet and lifestyle you live will be the ultimate keys to beating cancer and keeping it at bay once and for all because in the end it is your own body which will win the war.

To fail to embrace proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle and look for answers in supplements alone is akin to putting a new roof on a house that is falling apart from a broken foundation.

Nutrition and Cancer

We have already mentioned that sugar and all related products will feed cancer cells and help them become more virulent, by decreasing further their oxygen supply. However, there are other foods such as meat that should also be cut out altogether. Why?

Meat is rich in Glutamine, another essential food for cancer cells which will promote tumour growth. Please also bear in mind that high glutamine levels are also found in wheat. Cooked meat is also likely to contain Heterocyclic Amines (HCA’s), known carcinogens, that are produced during the cooking process of many animal products, including chicken, beef, pork, and fish. Consumption of high saturate fat found in most meats, can increase certain hormone levels as well as inflammation in the body.

Eating plenty of fresh vegetables and their juices is always a good idea. Ensuring levels of omega-3 : omega-6 are kept well balanced, is important.  All food intolerances should be strictly avoided, whatever they may be for each patient. Whole Grains and Cereals are also fine, but wheat should be eaten very occasionally if at all. Pulses are also fine if soaked and cooked well. Strictly no refined products, sugar, fried foods, packaged foods,preservatives and food colourants – nutrient-dense foods should always be sought.

Based upon the cellular re-oxygenation requirements of fighting cancer, yet avoiding the pitfall and risks of using any dairy, a combination of linseed (flaxseed) oil with sulphur amino acids as found in eggs (check with your DBM Physician if these are permitted on your programand oats (also present in broccoli, wheat germ, red peppers, garlic), and as part of a nutritious smoothie, gives the body a vital combination of building blocks for replacing phosphatides and lipoproteins, which are highly deficient in cancer patients and are crucial for the oxygenation of the cancer cell.

Vitamin C and Cancer

Many practitioners use vitamin C with cancer patients based on Prof. Linus Pauling’s and Dr. Cameron’s research. What they do not realize is that there has been research to suggest that Vitamin C at ordinary doses (human equivalents of 1 to 5 grams/day) increased the growth rate of cancer while far larger doses (10grams or more) suppressed the cancer growth rate. This is because vitamin C and alpha-ketoglutarate are both required to produce collagen. The combination of producing collagen, a cellular building block, and a modest amount of additional energy could promote the growth of cancer. Larger amounts of vitamin C (10-12g daily minimum) would greatly enhance the respiratory chain and would restart the Citric Acid cycle and thus aerobic metabolism would be reinitiated. This would allow the cell to return to normal cell behaviour. In the process it would lower the concentrations of alpha-ketoglutarate and decrease the collagen producing (and vitamin C consuming) side chain.  It is however, VITALLY important that you discuss ANY supplementation with your DBM Physician.  If you self-medicate with certain supplements (other than taking in important nutrients from natural food sources), that you could literally open up a ‘can of worms’.  High doses of vitamin C requires constant cleaning of the organs for those with cancer and if this is NOT done correctly and often enough, it can result in creating huge problem…….


As soon as possible, cleanse your body to get rid of built up toxins from amalgams (heavy metals), and pesticides, as well as the undigested food, fecal matter and gallstones that build up in the body by cleansing your colon and liver and by chelation to rid the body of heavy metals. Such contaminations are breeding grounds for, and causes of, disease and illness. A toxic and unclean body weakens the body’s immune system that should be your first line of defense. Plus, once cleansed, the body is much more receptive to the good measures you take to rebuild your immune system and fight disease.

It cannot be stressed enough how vitally important it is to cleanse, restore and protect the liver before, during and after your anti-cancer and disease battle. As the great cancer pioneer Max Gerson observed, cancer cannot develop unless the liver is impaired to begin with. An effective cancer fighting regimen can severely tax an already weakened liver because it will result in the release of a cascade of toxins that are released when cancer cells die. Such a release can overwhelm an already impaired liver and can even be fatal if measures are not taken to protect and regenerate the liver.

The Importance of Sunshine

The importance of the synergistic relationship between health and regular sunshine cannot be over-emphasized for both physical healing and mental health (which is itself a key to physical healing for cancer and any other illness). Contrary to popular beliefs about the harmful effects of over exposure to the sun, abundant sunlight has extremely high success rates for:

  • Safely stopping tumor growth, not destroying tumors (the only effect that conventional medicine recognizes), but stopping growth.
  • Preventing cancer by stimulating the body’s vitamin D production.
  • Preventing influenza like the bird flu also by vitamin D production.

Don’t overdo the sunshine, but sunshine is essential to the production of vitamin D, and, strange as it may sound, has been found to be essential in warding off melanoma as well as other cancers. Be sure to get full body sun exposure avoiding the heat of the day and not allowing oneself to become more than mildly “pink” or sunburned by gradually increasing exposure time from a few minutes to 10 minutes twice per day of early morning and late afternoon sunshine.

Exposure to Nature and the Good Earth

It is beyond mere theory that regular exposure to soil organisms and and the good earth provides both physical and mental healing. Many believe that there is an actual healing synergy from exposure to the earth itself. Today, far too many of us are shut off from nature in the artificial and closed environments of offices and closed in dwellings. To remedy this:

  • Take frequent walks in yards, fields and woods. Of course, seek out areas that are likely to be as free as possible from pesticides, herbicides and other chemical contamination.
  • As often as possible, take off your shoes, socks and sandals and go barefooted in the soil and grass.
  • Plant vegetable and flower gardens (and use only organic products!). If that is not possible, use pots and other containers for patio, balconies and indoors. Working with your hands (and feet) in the soil is one of the most physically and mentally healthy things you can do. Those who have not had the pleasure will be amazed at the peace and tranquility you will experience. Indoor plants bring the added benefit of adding extra oxygen and removing toxins from you air. Everyone should have plenty of them!
  • Rebuild and strengthen the body’s natural immune system. It is very likely that a weakened immune system contributed to your illness in the first place. It is absolutely certain that a rebuilt and strengthened immune system will help you beat your illness and keep it at bay.

Things to Avoid

  • Remember, what you avoid can be just as important as what you consume: Avoid sugar to the greatest extent possible. Sugar feeds cancer and other illnesses and causes a myriad of other health problems. Refined sugar is also the number one single cause of health problems in the entire world!
  • Likewise avoid bread and other store-bought items containing bleached white flour, that usually contain a high content of soya, which is essentially empty and harmful calories that convert to sugar once ingested.
  • Other items to avoid include soy, pork and ALL meat / meat products, MSG, ALL charred foods and foods cooked at high temperature, aluminum and coated cookware, micro-waved food, food in plastic containers and styrofoam.

Avoid Dehydration

One last thing that is often overlooked by many practitioners is DEHYDRATION. There is probably no quicker way to make the body more toxic and to decrease oxygen levels, than to drastically reduce the cell’s water supply. At least 60-70% of cancer patients are extremely dehydrated.

Drink lots of healthy clean water (not municipal water) – source it from natural springs or clean and tested boreholes where possible.

Exercise in Moderation

Regular exercise does not have to be grueling, but it is essential. Exercise stimulates the immune system, stimulates the production of natural human growth hormone, stimulates the production of hormones and pheromones that make us happier and healthier, and simply leads to a longer and happier life period. Innumerable studies have demonstrated the overall health benefits of exercise and the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle lacking in exercise. It is not a coincidence that studies have shown up that those who exercise only a few hours each week have up to 50% less chance of developing many different kinds of cancer.

Stress removal and a positive mental attitude

The final key to winning your battle is your mental attitude. Remove as much stress from your life as you can and believe that you are going to win. Stress and worry accomplish nothing – worse, they are actually allies of illness and disease. You have surely heard the term “stress, the silent killer”? It’s true! So you must do whatever it takes to remove stress from your life and make your mental attitude your ally. Meditate, take yoga, change jobs, retire, go fishing, find a pleasant hobby – do whatever you must to remove stress and have a positive mental outlook.

Equally important, if not more so, is addressing any emotional issues from the present or the past which may be contributing to stress and preventing the body from optimal healing – may even have contributed to your development of cancer in the first place. There have been many reports of cancer going into spontaneous remission after people successfully addressed emotional issues and stress.

Remember, anyone or any issue which introduces or keeps worry and stress in your life is neither a friend nor an ally during this fight. And make no mistake, it is a fight – likely the most important one of your life. But it is a fight you can and will win. Think it, believe it and live it.

Go on the attack

The next element of beating your disease and keeping it at bay is to go on the attack. As a matter of fact, all of the elements of the this anti-cancer and disease protocol are elements of attack, because they make the body strong and inhospitable to disease. In the case of cancer, there are many very potent anti-cancer supplements that we make use of in their natural states where ever possible:

  • One such supplement, named IMMUNOClean™ is mentioned in this website, also containing the very powerful Sutherlandia extract
  • One can also make their own oleander extract at home by carefully following the instructions on the link.
  • Iodine is an absolute must for anyone fighting cancer, especially breast cancer. Many people have beaten cancer with iodine supplementation alone and it is a supremely powerful item to include in any cancer-fighting protocol.
  • Curcumin (which can be obtained in the common spice turmeric – follow this link to see how easy it is to supplement your diet with turmeric) has many similar compounds to oleander and is a potent and highly proven cancer fighter and preventive. Curcumin has been particularly effective against cancer with smokers and helps prevent cancer in general from spreading. Independent research studies on the anti-cancer properties of turmeric suggests that Curcumin has the potential for treatment of five top cancers in the U.S. — colon, breast, prostate, lung and skin. An added plus, turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, and thus would be a vital addition for those who have brain cancer, where swelling is always a concern. To fight cancer, 2500 to 3000 mg per day is recommended, divided into two to three doses and taken either with meals or with bromelain as described below. Coconut oil or coconut milk may help absorption and some studies have indicated that absorption may also be increased with 5-10 mg of bioperine (or else black pepper). 
  • A good blood tonic, such as Wheat grass helps the body with the maintenance and production of red blood cells
  • Cayenne Pepper tincture is a very effective cancer fighter, especially so for prostate cancers
  • Black cumin oil, also known as black caraway seed oil and blackseed oil, has been shown to be a potent cancer fighter and, along with oleander, it is one of the very few natural cancer fighters that have had good success against pancreatic cancer.
  • BromelainSeveral studies have indicated anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties of the enzyme bromelain, which comes from the pineapple plant. One of the primary anti-cancer properties of bromelain may be it’s ability to help prevent cancer from growing and spreading. Bromelain is also a powerful binder which can greatly increase the absorption of other supplements and medications (for that reason, a qualified medical professional. preferably a naturopathic one, should be consulted before taking large amounts of bromelain with other medications where increased absorption might be a cause for concern). 
  • Pancreatic Enzymes, especially those that contain chymotrypsin, have been very effective against cancer, especially pancreatic cancers.
  • Grapeseed Extract has also been a very effective cancer fighter and a supreme antioxidant with many proven health benefits.  Whilst shown as an anti-fungal on this website, it is used in the war against cancer.