Epstein Barr – DBM Protocol


  • Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) part of the herpesvirus family.
  • Other infections in this family include herpes, shingles and chickenpox.
  • Mononucleosis (aka mono or the “Kissing Disease”) is the most commonly-known way EBV manifests itself.
  • Most common in the late teenage years and early 20’s
  • Up to ninety-five percent of the population is infected with EBV, but many are only carriers and virus is dormant.
  • Anyone can become infected by EBV.
  • Most of us have been exposed and are asymptomatic carriers by our adult lives.
  • Women going through major life changes, including the death of a loved one, a major move or job change or menopause, for example, may be particularly susceptible to reactivation of the virus, and therefore a symptomatic infection.


  • Diet – WFPB Diet
  • Stress relief program
  • Exercise
  • o   Diet, stress, exercise – all will contribute towards a healthier body and provide additional support to the immune system
  • Natural antibiotics
  • IMMUNOClean™


  • Follow our Whole Food Plant-Based Diet – call DBM Physician / Practitioner for more guidance if needed.
  • Nutrition for Life Page – Daily Nutrition
  • Use our Eat To Live 15-Day Program and download the recipes
  • Nutrition for Life – Probiotics
  • Hydration


  • Things to Remove From Your Diet


  • Follow the 5 Track Plan  – BUT first consult your DBM Physician
  • IMMUNOClean™ – Oral protocols
  • Health imbalances are very Patient Specific – it could be any of the above protocols – please consult with your DBM Physician
  • This is a simplified version of our program. 
  • A stronger intervention might be required – contact your DBM Physician