Eat To Live – Pancakes & Wraps

Adventurous & Nutritious

Pancakes and can provide a number of essential nutrients. However, pancakes can also be high in calories if you make them the traditional way and serve them with loads of sugar and fat, especially if you eat them at a restaurant and if you top them with a lot of butter and syrup.

You can make more nutritious versions of pancakes and wraps at home.  The wraps and pancakes in these recipes use healthier ingredients and are therefore a far better choice, and are savoury pancakes.  Use the wraps to replace traditional wraps made from flour and fill them with delicious stir fried veggies or raw veg cut in julienne strips with some home-made hummus, salsa or avocado mayonnaise.

Be adventurous… try them with all sorts of fillings and add some excitement to your meal.

The only ‘warning” added to this section is to check with your DBM Practitioner if you are able to eat eggs, as these are restricted on DBM Programs. If you are restricted – try the “egg-free” version of the wraps.

There are some interesting additional pancake recipes on the breakfast menu section

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” – Brillat-Savarin