Eat To Live – Stocks

Vegan Stocks for Soups, Broths and Stews

Contrary to culinary myth, the absence of a strong-flavoured meat stock does not present a huge challenge to the creation of tasty plant-based soups and stews.   Many ethnic cuisines produce classic soups that in their original form are completely vegetarian or vegan.   True, almost any soup can benefit from a good stock to boost flavour, but we place fresh and flavourful ingredients and creative seasoning above meat stock in contributing to the success of a soup.

We have provided some stock ideas – use these to make creative soups or stews. 


Make the basic stock or the hydration broth recipe on the website in large quantities and freeze with or without the cooked vegetables for the start of a soup or stew.

“I live on good soup, not on fine words.” – Moliere