Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse #1

15 Minute Coffee Enema

 Make The Coffee the Night Before

Just before bedtime, make at least 1 litre of coffee using either the Standard Method or the Gerson Method as shown below.  

These two methods give the best results.  In a push, you can use the coffee percolator, but the coffee is then not as concentrated. Cover the pot and allow to cool to room temperature overnight: 

Note: The pot must be enamelware, Corning Ware™, glass or stainless steel, or prepared by the percolator filter method.  Do not use Teflon or aluminium. 

  • Use Organic- since coffee plants are possibly the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops
  • Make sure it is freshly ground – to avoid using rancid grounds
  • Use 1 Litre of distilled, filtered or reverse osmosis water – Avoid city water (chlorinated/fluoridated) to avoid stressing the kidneys.
  • Even well-water can contain toxic metals (E.g. copper, cadmium, lead) from plumbing. So make sure your well-water is tested.
STEP 1 Understand what a cleansing enema is:  A cleansing enema is what most people think of when they hear the word “enema”Designed to be quick and easy, this enema is supposed to cause quick evacuation and help clean the colon.There are several different kinds of cleansing enemas:Salted waterChamomile tea. Very soothing and effectiveDBM prefer to use the Coffee enema
STEP 2: Understand what a retention enema is:Retention Enemas are exactly what the name suggests they areInstead of introducing the fluid and quickly expelling it and any other waste matter.You’re supposed to hold it in for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.Coffee enemas are reputed to stimulate the colon and the gallbladder.Choose an organic medium roast brand.
STEP 3: Gather your supplies:Spurring an evacuation with the help of an enema is easy, yet you will need a few essential suppliesA couple of large, old towelsA teaspoon of organic almond oil, olive oil, or coconut oil for lubricationOne litre boiled spring water which will be cooled down to body temperature once coffee steepA clean enema kit. Various types of enema kits exist on the market.
STEP 4: A private bathroom is the best location to perform this activity:There should be a place for your enema bag or bucket to sit or hang from.It should be connected about 1.5 meter above the floor while you are lying down on the ground.
Once you injected the enema content, you may only have a few moments before the body needs to evacuate.Being near the toilet, keeps you comfortable.
STEP 5: Assemble the enema kit you as per the instructions included with the kit. An enema kit usually comes with:A bag for the liquidA hook to hang the bag upA hoseA plugA rectal tip
STEP 6: Prepare somewhere comfortable for you to lie downFold any towels on the bathroom floor close to the toilet to lie on.Make it a comfortable experience
STEP 7a: Preparing the coffee for the Liver Cleanse Enema: Method 1 – Standard MethodSelect a dark roast organic bean.  Grind only what you need for each 2 litres you make.Add 1 scoop of coffee grinds per cup, plus one extra scoop.Percolate coffee and allow to cool – temperature should be body temperature.  Too cool or too hot will cause you to expel too soon.Using an extra coffee filter paper insert or fine meshed sieve, strain the coffee into a large jug in preparation for pouring into your enema bag.
STEP 7b: Preparing the coffee for the Liver Cleanse Enema: Method 2 – Gerson Therapy MethodEasier method for large quantities of coffee when doing more than one enema a day.Add 2 cups of organic coffee grinds to potAdd 2L of pre-boiled clean spring water. Bring back to the boil. Stir coffee with a clean wooden spoon, to avoid coffee boiling over.Turn down heat – boil for 3 minutes.Turn heat down further – simmer for 20 minutes.Strain coffee through a very fine sieve.Then strain again through filter paper if there are still grains present.Add some water to bring quantity 2 litres of coffee concentrate. Store in a sealed glass container in the fridge.Use 250ml of concentrate – add 750ml warm water for your enema.Pour prepared solution into enema bag.
STEP 8a: Test the clamp Hold the insertion end of the tube over the bathtub or toilet.Open the clamp to let the liquid travel through the tube until it comes out steadily.Be sure that there aren’t any air pockets in the tube.Once you are sure of this, clamp the tube to stop the flow.
STEP 8b: Prepare nozzle for insertionUse some coconut or olive oil to lubricate your anus  Lubricate the insertion tip on the end of the enema tube
STEP 9: Lubricate yourself, lie down – Lie on your left-hand-side – it is more advantageousLubricate anus in preparation for insertionLie on your back, with your knees drawn towards your chest.Depending on your comfort level or size, it is advantageous to lie down on your left side with your knees drawn so that your upper legs form a 90° angle with your body.Some people find it easier to take in more liquid while resting on their side.
STEP 10: Get comfortable, insert nozzleAfter you are comfortable, insert the nozzle about 5-7 cm into the rectum.Stop if you feel any resistance and adjust the angle slightly until you can easily insert the tube.
STEP 11: Release coffee into anal passage      Slowly release the clamp OR open the tap OR squirt in the liquid depending on the equipment to start the flow of coffee. Go slowly, as going too quickly can create the need to evacuate immediately.The key to a successful enema is to take in and hold in the liquid until the body’s natural peristaltic movements begin. If you experience cramping, clamp the tube and take a deep breath before continuing.Lightly massaging abdomen in a click-wise direction will also help.
STEP 12a: Remove Nozzle Take in at least 250ml – 500ml coffee, gently remove the nozzle.  You can put in up to 1 litre at a time (if your bowel has moved prior to doing the enema.Continue lying on the floor on your left side.
STEP 12b: Hold coffee in for 15 minutesWork your way up to retaining the enema for 15 minutes, lying first on your left side for 5 minutes, then 5 minutes on your back, then 5 minutes on your right side before evacuating into the toilet.Having a bowel movement prior to doing the enema (in the mornings), will enable you to easier hold the fluid and allow you to take in the whole litre at once.
STEP 13: Expel in toiletAfter you have retained the liquid for several minutes, sit on the toilet and relax.Wait until you can expel all that you are urged to release
STEP 14: You’re done! Repeat this process Clean your equipment by rinsing with warm water and white vinegarAllow it to air-dry before storing. Wash your hands well after you have finished.Repeat the process as many times as recommended by your Physician / Practitioner


  • STEP 1 – Understand what a cleansing enema is 
  • STEP 2 – Understand what a retention enema is. 
  • STEP 3 – Gather your supplies. 
  • STEP 4 – A private bathroom is the best location to perform this activity. 
  • STEP 5 – Assemble the enema kit
  • STEP 6 – Prepare somewhere comfortable for you to lie down
  • STEP 7 a & b – Prepare coffee, filter & pour cooled coffee into enema bag
  • STEP 8 a & b – Test the clamp and prepare nozzle for insertion
  • STEP 9 – Lubricate yourself, lie down – LHS more advantageous
  • STEP 10 – Get comfortable, insert nozzle
  • STEP 11 – Release coffee into anal passage
  • STEP 12a & b – Remove Nozzle – Hold coffee in – 15 minutes
  • STEP 13 – Expel in toilet
  • STEP 14 – Clean equipment by rinsing with warm water and white vinegar
DBM COMMENTAll too often a coffee enema is applied during moments of constipation. In this instance, it may be easier to inject 500 ml coffee, then follow the entire cycle above through to the stage of evacuation. This will force out any faecal matter in the colon.  Once the colon is clean you can then inject the remaining 500 ml and complete a second cycle to fully benefit from the detoxing effects the coffee enema offers.

Helpful Tips 

  • If a coffee enema makes a person jittery, shaky, nervous, nauseated, or light-headed, the coffee solution is too strong – adjust strength as tolerance level permits.
  • If having a lot of gas makes it difficult to retain the enema – add 2 Tbsp. of blackstrap molasses to coffee solution.

Formula for Insertion into Anal Cavity After Coffee Enema Is Completed


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon Sauerkraut juice


  • Mix olive oil and sauerkraut juice together.
  • Insert into rectum after coffee enema has been completed, using a bulb syringe
POSITIONS FOR ENEMASNo matter what position you choose try to relax.  The more you relax the better results you will achieve.
Knee Chest PositionThis position allows the solution to flow downhill for the first third of the enema.
Left Side PositionThis position is the one most often used for giving or receiving enemas.
On Back Legs Raised PositionThis position is probably the most comfortable to receive an enema.
On Tummy PositionThe most difficult position to receive an enema, as it puts pressure on the abdomen as the enema progresses.

 Best Height to Hang Enema Bag

Liver Cleanse #2

Sage and Fennel Tea

Sage & Fennel are noted for liver detoxification and help to control yeast overgrowth.  Fennel aids digestion, helps to relieve gas and is anti-inflammatory.


  • ¼ teaspoon dried sage
  • ¼ tablespoon fennel seed
  • ¼ lemon
  • 1 cup of filtered or spring water


  • Bring filtered water, sage and fennel to the boil for a few minutes, remove from heat
  • Allow to steep for 10 min, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice to taste, drink and enjoy.
  • Drink 1 cup per day, 3 days per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

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