Dear Dr Sakeena,

I thought I would take the time out to write you an email, to express my feelings.

Over this weekend, I visited Sister Lydia, to purchase some more Drops for my family and I.

I have been using the drops since I first met you, in 2012 August or September, when I was suffering from ulcers for about 6 weeks and tried EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING from energy healing (which I know did contribute and was not a waste of time-but still did not alleviate the excruciating pain I was in), hospital, altosec, pain killers via the drip – it was only the Drops that sorted me out within 3 days and I have never had ulcers again…

What really stands out for me, is that was 2012, where I payed R400  for a bottle, and then 2 years later I bought a few from Sister Lydia for my friends and family and it was still R400 and now again 2 years later I did another purchase and again I find that it is R400. When I asked Sister Lydia, why have the prices not gone up, and she mentioned that you have chosen to keep this medicine at this price for now… I am writing to say how deep in my heart you and your team’s work is appreciated, I see that there is a BEAUTIFUL new website that you guys now have and just reading the ABOUT US page brought me to tears… I am ever so grateful to you all for your work and I want to say THANK YOU… I am not a Doctor, but at some stage I would love to contribute where I can, in some way, I am not sure what is needed but if you could ever let me know so that I would be able to see if it is in my capacity. …..  and I have something solid to offer, I will also be in a place to give back to your organization that I have such love for- my mind is always blown by the ethics and intentions of this organization. May the Universe Bless you all…

This email is just to really say, I AM IN SUCH GRATITUDE FOR YOUR NOBLE WORK.

All my Heart, Love, Gratitude and Blessings,