Take Nothing For Granted

In a normal day how many of us take the smallest things for granted? Thirsty… Turn on a tap and drink!  Hungry…. Help yourself to whatever food you might have!   Need to get somewhere… Walk, take a taxi, a bus, a train and if you are blessed enough – drive there! If your loved one needs help you use any means possible to get them help.

As a very young girl this woman helped her family by carrying water on her head just as every other female in a household does in the rural areas. Day after day … Walking many kilometres to reach their only source of water. 

Poverty being rife in these areas, her daily intake of natural sources of calcium (leafy greens etc.) was non-existent and as a result, her bones were not as strong as they should be.

She carried a load on her head, day after day – until one day her spine collapsed……

She lives far out in the rural area and her family could not get her to medical help. If she had received help – she would be upright today. Sadly, this story is repeated over and over… she is not the only one….

Now…. Many years later one of our DBM TEAM reached the village where she lives… Her family heard about the visiting doctor and they USED ANY MEANS to get her to him. If you do but one good thing today, let it be that you TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED

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