Increasing Your Enzyme Intake

If you are free of all the symptoms associated with enzyme deficiency, and at least half of the food you eat is whole and uncooked, and you drink unpasteurized milk (which is most unlikely since it’s not available), you will probably get enough enzymes. If this isn’t the case, as it is for most of us, you need to take additional enzymes. There are basically two ways to increase your enzyme intake.

The first is to eat more fresh foods. Since most cooking methods have a tendency to kill off enzymes or render them inert, raw fruits and vegetables are the best sources of food enzymes. Eating fermented foods including sauerkraut, kefir and miso is also an effective and tasty way to improve your body’s enzyme status. The second way to increase your body’s enzyme status is to take enzyme supplements. Just these two initiatives will help you to stay healthy and prevent and treat disease.