Enzymes – The Secret Of Life?

By author Rob Vaughan

Of all the major elements of nutrition, enzymes are the least understood, the least written about and provide the most underestimated contribution to life and health. There are few sources in medical science or nutritional health that offer an in-depth understanding to even begin to thoroughly answer the seemingly simple question of, “what is an enzyme?” But once we review what is known about enzymes, you may want to ask: are enzymes the very secret to life itself?

Every breath you take, every move you make, every thought you think and every action you take requires enzymes. They are the workforce of the body. No vitamin, mineral, protein or hormone can do work without enzymes.

Enzymes are what make all the other pieces work. Enzymes are not tangible, physical substances. They are the life-force that activates vitamins, minerals, protein and other physical components in our body. Enzymes are the key to understanding the difference between life and death, and between sickness and health.