The Emotional Biology of Cancer

In the vast majority of those with cancer, there exists both a combination of psychological as well as physiological stresses that have contributed to the formation of cancer within the body. There are several factors that create stress on the body’s cells.

Cancer is created at the cellular level in the body over 6 specific and interrelated phases over an 18-24-month period.

In Phase 1 of Cancer

In PHASE 2 of Cancer

In PHASE 3 of Cancer

In PHASE 4 of cancer

In PHASE 5 of cancer

In PHASE 6 of cancer

Some healthy ways to express anger include:

  • A good workout
  • Practice controlled breathing
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation
  • Use a stress-relief toy
  • Find something funny or silly
  • Listen to calming music
  • Repeat self-calming statements 

For more information download the Psycho-Oncology:The 6-Phases of Cancer PDF on our Cancer:Finding The Cause page.

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