Yeast Infection Cure

It is rather easy to make a homemade yeast infection cure; this article will tell you exactly what to use.  You will need honey, garlic, cinnamon powder, and preferably a good probiotic.  With these ingredients, you will be able to naturally treat a yeast infection.  

Homemade Yeast Infection Cure

A good homemade cure for yeast infection should utilize items that you probably already have on hand in your house.  If you are fortunate to have a few essential oils on hand, you might have the right ones for yeast infection.  You can simply add these to your honey along with the other items in this treatment plan.  

Herbs can also be added to honey; typically, by grinding them and adding them into the honey. Make sure your honey retains its viscosity; if you add too much herbal powder to the honey it could become clumpy.

Each of the ingredients in this homemade remedy will be added to honey.  The honey with the herbs mixed into it will then be added to the vagina.  It would probably be best to do this right before you go to bed and let it sit all night.  Additionally, washing the vagina or infected area with clean water to remove excess yeast before applying this mixture would probably help as well.  

One caveat: the more garlic, herbs, or essential oils you put into your honey the more chance you may have of irritating your vagina.  Pureed garlic is the most effective way to utilize garlic, but it may irritate sensitive skin.  If you have an external yeast infection, you are likely to be able to withstand stronger concentrations of these items in the honey.

Why Use Honey?

You may be wondering why we use honey as yeast eat sugar.  Well, honey cannot be utilized by yeast when it is not diluted.  This is due to the high osmolarity (the concentration of sugar in the liquid; osmolarity defines the ratio of solute to solvent) of honey.  There have been many studies that show honey inhibits Candida pathogens.  Because it is therapeutic and gel like, honey makes a great topical carrier for herbal medicines.  Make sure you don’t think that eating honey will help to treat a yeast infection.  The osmolarity goes way down once honey is diluted in stomach fluids; thus, eating honey will only give yeast more food to grow with.  It’s the same principle used in candying foods to preserve them.

Garlic Homemade Treatment

Garlic by itself should stop a yeast infection in a few days; however, when we combine it with other natural remedies, we should be able to create an even more effective treatment.  For this plan, you will need one bulb of fresh garlic–try to avoid garlic pills.  The reason is we want to slightly crush or even puree a few cloves of garlic.  This crushing of garlic will help two chemicals in garlic–the chemical alliin, and the enzyme alliinase–to combine to form allicin.  

Allicin has powerful antimicrobial competencies, and it can even reduce the amount of mycotoxins (fungal toxins) that are released by certain fungi.  Yet, don’t expect to find allicin in any stored garlic pill or powder.  Allicin is extremely unstable and does not stick around very long after it is created from alliin and alliinase.  So, to ensure you get a good dose of this powerful antifungal phytochemical, use fresh garlic in your homemade treatment.

The antifungal capabilities of garlic are well documented by a sizeable volume of scientific research.    The killing capabilities of this garlic solution was also found to be dose and time dependent.  Consequently, the more garlic you use and the longer time you allow it to be in contact with Candida, the more yeast will be killed.

Cinnamon Homemade Candida Treatment

Cinnamon is a great tasting, safe natural remedy for yeast infections.  The bark is proven to have Candida fighting capabilities.  If you are lucky enough to have cinnamon essential oil, you can also use this in the honey as well; it also will stop Candida in its tracks.

Whatever type of cinnamon you have (and you can use multiple types; i.e. essential oil and bark powder) just simply add a bit to your honey.  You should be able to add a significant amount of cinnamon powder to the honey without it causing irritation.  Just try and keep the honey somewhat spreadable so it can be easily applied to the vagina or skin; too much cinnamon could make it too dry to apply correctly.

There is an in depth article that discusses using cinnamon oil as a home remedy; if you would like to learn more about this you can check out this article: cinnamon essential oil for yeast infections. 

Probiotic After Care

After you have let the homemade yeast infection cure sit in the vagina or on the skin for several hours (preferably overnight), you should have given yeast a good attack.  After you wake up in the morning wash the vagina out with clean water until all the mixture you put into it is gone.  

The next step in this process involves fighting Candida with “biowarfare” so to speak.  You want to utilize helpful friendly bacteria that are natural enemies of Candida.  Certain strains of bacteria will help to cure yeast infections and keep them away for good.  They do this primarily by:

  • Crowding out Candida cells and taking away space on the body’s outer linings; giving them no way to “attach” themselves to the vagina.
  • Eating up sugars and other nutrient sources and essentially helping to starve Candida and thus restrict its overgrowth.
  • Lactobacillus probiotics (such as acidophilus) will secrete lactic acid as a by-product of their metabolic process.  It’s the same acid that makes your milk go sour after a while.  This lactic acid acidifies the vagina; making it difficult for yeast to thrive as they do not like acidic surroundings.
  • Some probiotics will work better than others.  It is a good idea to get the correct probiotics that will fight Candida yeast the best.  

Rinse and Repeat

If you find that you are not cured right away when you wake up, you need to repeat this process again each night until you are healed.  You should see some relief and reduction of your symptoms after the first night.  However, if you’re not fully cured, just repeat the process as long as necessary.  Make sure you insert a good probiotic into the vagina each morning after you wash the honey mixture out.

Stopping Recurrent Yeast Infections

If you have been struggling with recurrent yeast infections, chances are your gut is infected with excessive amounts of Candida fungus.  The yeast grows in your digestive system and moves from the anus to the vagina and establishes itself once again via this method.  To totally stop your recurrent yeast infections, you will need to kill off the yeast living in your digestive system.  

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