Why Is Your Cancer Treatment Not Working

The cause of the cancer has not been addressed or removed

People do things half heartedly, no commitment

You have returned to your previous lifestyle and habits

There was no family support

Work takes preference to healing

The diet is still unhealthy or enzyme deficient

  • You are still being exposed to the direct cause, whether emotional, physical, environmental or psychological
  • You have been unwilling to change
  • Chemo and/or radiation have damaged your organs and blood beyond recovery
  • Toxins of the treatment have not been removed from your liver
  • You have not aided the natural biological functions back to normal following treatment that altered their healthy state (whether by placing good flora back in the stomach/intestines/colon, and especially by doing flushes to rid the body of excess debris)
  • You have lost a vital organ through surgery and nothing has replaced its function
  • You have not taken responsibility for your healing, but have made it other people’s (doctors/nurses/family) problem
  • You don’t want to live

There may be other causes, we have listed a few. It is up to you to be truthful with yourself and address the cause with the choice to live