Where Does Stress Come From?

All your senses are involved in gathering information about your environment and delivering this information to your brain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Stress is one of the many ways the body responds to the environment. It’s how your body reacts to the things you see, hear, taste smell and feel every day.

Is stress killing you?

It has been learned that stress and disease can change the shape of our blood cells.  Normal healthy cells are round, smooth and shapely.  These happy cells do their job well, and can help you to stay healthy.  While the stressed cells are somewhat distorted in shape and look curled up and don’t function near as well as the happy round cells.

We all experience stress each day, but if allowed to go unchecked the results are accumulative. The effects of stress can  kill the cells inside of you… leaving you a weaker person in every sense of the word as cells die off by the thousands, sometimes leaving you wide open to infections and other stress related illnesses.

The effects of stress on your body

Stress and the immune system: Understanding the effects of stress on your body and the ways of managing stress that we tend to collect are both very important.  Information on stress and stress reduction techniques are all included on this web site.

Read more on how stress affects the body – Stress and The Body.

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Hand squeezing stress ball isolated on white background with copy space
Hand squeezing stress ball isolated on white background with copy space