What to Do Next

Because you develop Candida overgrowth, the usual approach is to take a ‘broad spectrum’ antibiotic which will be prescribed by a physician who does not quite understand the Candida problem. These antibiotics will in fact promote more overgrowth in the already weakened body, and the vicious cycle continues. It is often noticed that when fungal overgrowth becomes worse, so does a patient’s allergies.

Quite the opposite, when a patient begins treating the Candida, the allergies usually begin to improve, albeit slowly. Once an overgrowth of Candida is identified, it needs to be treated immediately to break this vicious cycle. What is needed next will be a four-pronged Candida battle plan that makes an effective treatment protocol.

Candida and Candida Albicans is a HUGE subject, so we have broken it up into smaller sections – first information on how you ‘get’ candida and then some solutions as to how to get rid of it.

For information on a simple home test – go to: Candida Home Test.  

Article Source: http://www.myradiary.com