Neurological Reprogramming

Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts it is therefore vital you make those thoughts good ones.

“Our genes are as changeable as our brains. The latest research in genetics shows that different genes are activated at different times. They are always in flux and being influenced.  There are experience-­‐dependent genes that are activated when there is growth, healing, or learning; and there are behavioural-­‐state-­‐dependent genes that are influenced during stress, emotional arousal, or dreaming”– Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Healing begins in your spirit – between your ears and in your heart. Deal with your emotions of fear, anger, panic, and depression and come out with optimism, hope and a fighting spirit.  Happiness brings endorphins that supercharge your immune system. Be with people who have faith, hope, a sense of humour and who encourage you.   

There is wisdom in all life that knows how to fix disease, just give your body proper physical and metaphysical resources to do its job.

  • Feed your mind with good thoughts, beauty, laughter, music, play
  • Feed your heart with love, forgiveness, confidence in your abilities and a sense of purpose
  • Feed your body with good nutrition

It’s all about soul medicine, about how we can’t truly heal unless we give our souls what they crave: love, community, meaning and purpose, healthy food, communing with nature, laughter, the unconditional love of animals, a sense of belonging and a serene living environment.

You can only change from the inside out…

DBM Protocol – Adjunct Therapy – Visualisation

Visualisation is training yourself to think in a positive way. By visualising you are creating neural pathways, which will allow your intention to become more believable, within reach and obtainable.

Start by training your mind to bring the things you want into your reality. This could be a different body shape, overcoming a health condition, a feeling, or an object of value. If you have something you would like to come to fruition in your life, take time every morning and at night to visualise it.

Make the visualisation as vivid as you can, make the colours bright, the sounds clear and the taste pleasant. Notice if you hear anything and take in the detail of what you see. Make it stronger, brighter, and louder.

You can do this visualisation even if you find it a little difficult to actually believe it will happen.


  • Close your eyes
  • In your mind’s eye, visualise a carrot (for example)
  • Apply the visualising principle of brining a picture to your mind’s eye for the healing focus exercise


Do this for as often as you can, your unconscious mind will work towards getting it for you. Repetitive visualisation and using your amazing imagination is the power behind everything you create in your life.

Visualisation and Mindfulness are interconnected.  See more on Mindfulness

DBM Protocol – Adjunct Therapy – Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness is paying attention, deliberately and non-­‐ judgmentally to each moment of your life.  Knowing how to tap into this skill will change your life, because it’s the very cause of joy. You can experience significant benefits by incorporating these practices into your everyday life. 
  •  Find a quiet space to be alone for 10 minutes and sit or stand comfortably. As you assume a comfortable posture, try and grow an inch taller by lengthening the crown of your head up towards the ceiling.
  •  Set a timer on your phone or watch for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to take deep breaths in and out through your nose.
  •  Imagine the belly expanding first, then draw the breath up into the ribs, and then up into the chest.
  •  Begin to count the seconds of each inhale and each exhale. Inhale for a count of 5, exhale for a count of ten. If this length is too long to start, reduce the length but keep the ratio of inhale to exhale 1:2.

Breathe like this for 20 breaths.

  • After your 20th exhale, take a few soft breaths in and out through your nose.
  • Now, bring your awareness right to the centre of your heart.
  •  Imagine the breath moving in and out through the heart as it acts as your heart were your lungs and the breath was fluidly moving directly in and out of its centre.
  • No need to count the breath, just keep it steady and fluid and concentrate on that point in the middle of the heart where it breathes in and out.
  • After the timer sounds, place both hands on your heart and take a moment to feel its beating.
  • You are alive. You are powerful. You are a centre of the universe that continually shines like the sun.


  • Find a quiet space around you and sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe deep into your belly.
  • In your mind, take yourself to a peaceful setting, either one that you’ve experienced personally or one that you create in the moment.  We recommend a natural setting such as a summer meadow, a clear riverbank, an open field of wildflowers, or a fertile mountain peak. Take yourself to this space.
  • Engage all of your senses. What do you see in this setting? What are the sounds, the smells, and the tastes? Go through the senses and make a note of all the visceral experiences you can call to your mind. Try not to make too much of an effort, just let these sensations come to you.
  • Now, watch as someone enters into this space. At first, you cannot tell who it is, but a feeling of complete and pure love rushes over you. You feel you have known this person for a lifetime.
  • Watch as this person starts to approach you. With each breath he/she gets closer, until you notice the familiar shape of their face. It is you, standing before you,
  • Smiling.  Take note of the kindness in your own eyes, the gentility of this self before you, and the feeling of complete compassion this visage has for you. You are witnessing yourself as your beloved.
  • As you picture yourself standing before you, smiling, accepting, open to possibility, see yourself speaking these words to you: “I am open to and accept radiant health from the universe. I am open to and accept your highest potential.”
  • Let these words be repeated to you 10 times. After the tenth time, take 3 deep breaths, holding at the top of the inhale for 5 seconds, solidifying in yourself the knowledge of your personal power and the reality of unimaginable possibilities to be attracted into your life.