Topical Application Protocol

This protocol is used only at the instruction of your DBM Physician / Practitioner.

For Topical Applications

  1. Follow the protocols for activating the ImmunoClean™
  2. Do not exceed the number of drops recommended unless advised otherwise by your DBM Physician / Practitioner.


  • small glass bowl
Dosage: Mix Ratio 1:1Method:
Activate 6 – 10 ImmunoClean™ Drops in a small glass bowl.Allow to activate for required 3 minutes activation periodTopical – direct application onto skin.For insect bites, warts etc.


  • For covering small areas of the body, add approximately
  • 125ml / cc of water before putting the diluted solution on the skin or in the hair.
  • If a too strong solution of activated ImmunoClean™ is used topically, it can weaken the cells and make them more susceptible to bacteria and infection by damaging the dermis’ natural acid mantle.
  • For direct application use an earbud dipped into activated solution and apply direct to insect bites, warts etc.   
  • Never add the activated drops to any kind of body lotion, gel or cream.  
  • Rinse area after solution has dried on skin so as to avoid irritating the skin.


  • Apply minimum 4 x per day.
  • Continue topical application until insect bites are healed or warts are clear.

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician / Practitioner