The Three Angels of Death

Falling (and breaking a hip or an arm) is sometimes one of the first signs that we are starting to move into the direction of death. It can be one of the stages of dying.

The other two angels who might visit us are a heart attack and pneumonia. All these are only angels of death if our bodies are already weakened and fragile. That makes full recovery for us harder or impossible.

When any one of these angels shows up, it is as we are being given a fair warning to get ready for our final journey. They are a good reminder to make sure that all our affairs are in order. So that we can leave this earth without heavy burdens or a sense of feeling incomplete.

These three angels are not to fear. That’s why they are called angels. They can be our body’s way of saying: my time is slowly coming to an end. These stages of dying are pointing us in the right direction. Sort of a sign post towards the final destination.

Here is how one of the angels of death visited my father:

He had had three heart attacks and a hip replacement operation over the course of ten years. Life had become more of a challenge than a joy to him at the age of 77. He was talking about feeling tired. He was talking about being ready to move on.

A few months before he died, he told my sister: “If I should get pneumonia now, that will be my way to die.”   Sure enough. One of the angels did visit him. He came down with pneumonia and he did die of it.