The Science of Stress & Your Health

Stress is not something that we should try to avoid as if it were some sort of unhealthy food. However, similar to food, there are good and bad types of stress – and even bad stress can be okay as long as it’s in moderation. The good type of stress, commonly called “eustress,” can be caused by working out, getting a promotion, planning a wedding, meeting deadlines, or competing in an event. Bad stress, also known as called “distress,” is the kind of stress usually brought on by problems at work or school, and major personal life issues such as a death in the family.

Examples of stress related illnesses

  • Migraine headaches and most other headaches are a stress related illness.  There are 16 – 18 million migraine headache sufferers, 70% women. Most of these headaches are a symptom of stress.  Relaxation and stress management are the most immediate ways of coping with stress headaches.
  • Muscle tension can be caused by stress.  Stiff neck, shoulders or lower back pain are common complaints for all age groups and can be instantly reduced or eliminated by reducing stress and anxiety.  Muscle tension is probably the cause of all stress headaches.
  • Heart attack and high blood pressure have both been proven to be caused by increased or
    continuous unresolved stress called stacking.
  • High blood pressure puts undue stress on the blood vessel walls which may burst and cause a stroke.  It also over pressures the circulatory system and puts an unhealthy strain on the heart which in turn greatly contributes to the occurrence of heart attacks. By reducing stress and lowering blood pressure you can greatly lower the risk of stroke and heart attack

Stress management technique

A regular viewing of a relaxation video at least 3 times a week can reduce these risks up to 35% (American heart association).  Guaranteed to give you stress relief !