Sugar Binge

What Happens to Your Body 60 Minutes After a Sugar Binge

Sweet snacks and chocolate are synonymous with rewards today or even as a means of providing a quick “meal”.  But in truth, the impact on the body of consuming too much sugar is much more frightening than you might expect. And I’m not even talking about the long-term effects of a consistently poor diet, such as obesity and diabetes; the results in just the first hour following a one-off sugar binge are scary enough.

Perhaps the most worrisome prospect of being faced with an abundance of snacks is that you’ll lose track of how much you’ve eaten; unless you have someone sitting next to you reminding you or taking notes, it’s very easy to get carried away and have more than you should.  The effects of consuming too much sugar don’t become outwardly apparent right away, so it’s naturally not always obvious when you’ve overstepped the mark.  Behind the scenes however, the body has to work to a herculean degree to deal with a high influx of sugar.

To highlight this, we’ve put together a timeline of what takes place inside the body during the first 60 minutes following a sugar binge.