Steaming / Inhalation Protocol

This protocol is used only at the instruction of your DBM Physician / Practitioner.

For Inhalation / Steaming

  1. Follow the protocols for activating the ImmunoClean™
  2. Do not exceed the number of drops recommended unless advised otherwise by your DBM Physician / Practitioner.


  • Bowl and large bath towel
Dosage: Mix Ratio 1:1Method:
Add 20 activated ImmunoClean™ Drops and 2.5ml of camphor / 1 crystal of menthol to 1–2 litres of boiling water.Drape your head and the bowl with a towel – enabling you to inhale the resulting vapour deep into the lungs.Steaming / inhalationFor asthma, bronchitis, TB, colds, flu (lung or sinus related ailments).


  • This method allows the ImmunoClean™ direct access to the affected area.


  • Patient should maintain this position for no less than 7 minutes or until the water has cooled considerably.
  • Repeat 4 x daily (qid) until desired results obtained.

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician / Practitioner