Selenium – Not Only For Thyroid Health

Selenium is required by the body for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and may help protect against free radical damage and cancer. A deficiency in selenium can lead to pain in the muscles and joints, unhealthy hair, and white spots on the fingernails. In long term cases it may even lead to Hashimoto’s disease, a condition in which the body’s own immune system attacks the thyroid. An excess of selenium can lead to bad breath, diarrhoea, and even hair loss. The current daily value (DV) for selenium is 70μg (micrograms). It is important to note that the amount of selenium in any product varies greatly by the amount of selenium in the soil in which it was produced/grown/raised. Be sure to check individual labels, and if you have a deficiency in selenium, get tested after changing your diet to be sure you are eating adequate amounts.

Take a look at these charts alongside and make sure you include these foods in your daily diet to ensure sufficient selenium intake:

  1. Natural Sources of Selenium – Table 1 – page 1
  2. High selenium Foods by Nutrient Density
  3. Other Selenium-Rich Foods