Scared and Bullied Into Treatment

Cancer is a patented multi-billion dollar business.

Chemotherapy is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon the public, and we are all paying for it.

The pharmaceutical companies are the big winners. People are being led to slaughter like sheep. It is not cancer that kills, it is the chemo that kills. If this were exposed for the fraud that it is, many businesses would lose a lot of money, so the fraud must continue. Please note the following:

Chemo Gone WrongChemo & Radiation Gone Wrong
  • The statistics are skewed: people who decline chemo treatment are NOT included in the stats. There is NO control group. I know 5 people anecdotally who declined treatment and who are healthy; they are not followed in a longitudinal study. The statistics are based solely upon people who ACCEPT treatment. I know 15 people who had chemo and are now dead.
  • Chemo is effective only on 3 different cancers (testicular, lymphomas, childhood leukemias), yet it is presented as treatment for ALL cancers, even though it is known to be ineffective.
  • Chemo can cause other cancers to occur.
  • Chemo can make cancer cells resistant to all chemo treatments; cancer cells fight to survive, adapt, mutate, and then they divide even faster in order to survive.
  • The basic premise of chemo needs to be questioned: the shotgun approach with collateral damage to organs and immune system is NOT acceptable.
  • Doctors routinely use scare tactics about length of life to induce people to agree to accept toxic chemo when there is no proof that the treatment will benefit the individual patient.
  • There are other wellness plans that would benefit people more than chemo, but these plans are blocked by the FDA, the AMA, and Big Pharma.
  • It is more beneficial to strengthen the immune system than to weaken it. Chemo weakens it.
  • Doctors are legally required to offer chemo as the “standard of care” and if the patient declines, it is documented as a CYA for the Doc. This is the crux of the health care problem. This is where the money goes. And insurance companies cover only the conventional therapies, because everyone has been brainwashed into believing in the fraud. Until you actually question the basic premise of chemo, it is the knee-jerk reaction to cancer. The unnecessary deaths of 600,000 Americans every year must be stopped.

One of the best sites for an overall view is Several opinions on treatment options have been looked at, and an honest oncologist responded to questions, and in effect said that:

  • “There are no studies which would indicate that chemo would benefit me”.
  • “That chemo can cause other cancers”.
  • “That chemo could result in any cancer cells mutating and becoming resistant to all chemo drugs”.
  • “That if I declined treatment he would not see me again”.

It is important to emphasize that the stats do not include a control group. People who decline treatment are not included in the stats: There are no longitudinal studies done to track people who decline conventional treatment.

So when the medical profession presents “statistics” that are provided by the pharmaceutical companies to attempt to scare you into treatment which is beneficial only to their “bottom line”, know that these statistics are skewed and therefore meaningless.

This has really been a revelation as to the medical profession being driven by the pharmaceutical industry. The public has been brainwashed.


Follow this link to read more – Just Say No To Chemo – dont be scared into chemotherapy.   

Make your own informed decisions!!!