More Than Just Cabbage

Some of the health benefits of sauerkraut include its ability to increase your digestive health, boost your circulation, protect your heart health, provide you with quick energy, stimulate your immune system, strengthen your bones, reduce your overall cholesterol levels, eliminate inflammation, protect against certain cancer, and even improve your vision and skin health.

Although as a child, you may not have liked the taste or smell of sauerkraut (I know I didn’t), this slightly unique form of finely cut cabbage can be a major source of health benefits for you! Basically, sauerkraut is cabbage that has been fermented, which is where the distinct sour taste comes from. It is popularly used as a side dish or even as a condiment in certain cultures, which can be added to sausage or hot dogs. Fermented foods are commonly found in cultures throughout the world, but sauerkraut is one that has managed to find a global market, and is popular throughout Europe, Asia, and America.

DBM Protocol – Adjunct Treatment – Natural Probiotic – Sauerkraut

  • 7 x 15g taken prior to meals daily.
  • 1 tablespoon (15g) should be taken during the cleanse programs 30 minutes prior to and after meals. Additionally, take 15g just before bed-time.
  • Going forward after the cleanses, one should make it a way of life, but for at least the next year one should continue with at least 1 tablespoon before meals to stabilise the microbiome.

To read about the nutritional value and health benefits on Sauerkraut follow the following link: Pre- and Probiotics. This section of our website will provide some recipe ideas on how to make your own Sauerkraut.  You can also read  about other Fermented Foods on this link.