Exercise is one of the easiest ways to keep Lymphatic system working well. Optimal lymph moving exercise would be rebounding on a trampoline. You probably tried rebounding when you were a kid—without even knowing it. Rebounding is basically just bouncing on a trampoline or rebounder. Its low-­-impact aerobic exercise that can jump-start your metabolism (no pun intended)—oh, and P.S. It’s pretty fun!  There are over 300 lymph nodes in the neck and head area alone.  Your main lymph valves are in your arms and legs, that is why exercise such as rebounding will facilitate the lymph flow.

Rebounding is gentle enough for people who suffer from   various   chronic   disorders, but   it’s   powerful enough to get your blood pumping and your body working. Plus, it helps your body detoxify by sweating out the toxins. 

How to Use a Rebounder for Lymphatic Health

The best way to get the increased physical movement and exercise (in a way that`s very easy on your joints and internal connective tissues) is by gently bouncing. Your feet don`t even have to leave the trampoline. Start with a minute or two. Don`t push yourself yet–this isn`t a cardio exercise (although it can build up into one if you desire). Even an older individual might be able to very slowly work their way up to five or more minutes this way. Overall health, energy and vibrancy will increase and eventually you can build up to use the rebounder for longer periods of time. But rest assured, as little as five minutes of rebounding per day is enough to greatly improve lymph circulation.

Special Equipment

Rebounder or mini trampoline


Simply bounce lightly on your rebounder or trampoline. Just ten minutes a day will work wonders.

Beginner Rebounding