Oral Dose – Standard

The ImmunoClean™ program is a combination of activation and supporting the immune system, adjusting, and correcting nutritional deficiencies and cleaning and detoxing the body systems.  Combined with education on matters such as nutrition, cleaner lifestyle, addressing the cause, breathing, exercise and more, a lifestyle of health and wellness is encouraged and empowered through the ImmunoClean™ program.

ImmunoClean™ aids the immune system to overcome various infectious diseases which may be that caused by   germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites   and poisons. The removal of pathogens through oxidation, is to ensure no additional harm is brought to the organs, the 12 herbal extracts (16 compounds) selected to make up our formulation renders the residue harmless and aids in the complete removal of all the resulting toxins from the body.

There are various pathways of application of the ImmunoClean™ applicable to areas of disease.

Oral Dose – Standard

This protocol is used at the discretion of your Healthcare Practitioner

  1. The ImmunoClean™ formula is administered or taken a maximum of 4 times per day and each does NOT EXCEED 3 drops per dose
  2. A maximum of 12 drops may be taken orally, per day, unless directed otherwise by your DBM Physician/Practitioner. 
  3. We recommend the Standard Protocol be followed for 30 days.
  4. Thereafter make use of the MAINTENANCE PROTOCOL
1 – 303 / 3 equal number of ImmunoClean™ + ActivatorThree (3) activated drops administered
3 – 4 x per day

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician /Practitioner

How to Activate One Dose of ImmunoClean™

  1. Put 3 drops (or the prescribed number of drops) of ImmunoClean™ and
  2. An equal number of the Activator into a glass.
  3. Hold at an angle and
  4. Allow to activate for 3 minutes.
  5. Add to this activated solution a cup of tea (hot or cold) or add approximately 175-220ml of water or fresh fruit juice (ensure no Vitamin C has been added, no colourants, added sugars or preservatives) and
  6. Drink the solution within 15 minutes from activation.
  7. Look at the pop-up chart alongside, for instructions
  8. If nausea experienced, reduce the number of drops to 1:1 drop and follow instructions for a parasite cleanse. Nausea is usually a sign of parasitic infestation.