Oral Dose – Maintenance

The Maintenance ImmunoClean™ – Phasing Down Protocol

Oral Dose – Maintenance

After having regained balance, or upon the instructions of your DBM Physician / Practitioner, the Maintenance dose can be used as follows:

  • Follow the protocols for mixing the ImmunoClean™ and do not exceed a total of three (3) drops ONCE daily for not more than ten (10) days per month.
  • Do not exceed the maximum number of drops per day or the number of days unless advised otherwise by your DBM Physician or Practitioner.


  • Ceramic cup or glass


  • Alternatively, administer three (3) drops of ImmunoClean™ three (3) times a day at the onset of flu or if you experience any feelings of being unwell.
  • The activated dose must be drunk immediately or within 5 to 10 minutes of having activated the ImmunoClean™. Only increase the drops if no nausea is experienced and only on the advice of your Healthcare Practitioner.
1 to 303:3 Drops ImmunoClean™ + ActivatorThree (3) activated drops administered once per day

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician /Practitioner

 How to Activate One Dose of ImmunoClean™

  1. Put 3 drops (or the prescribed number of drops) of ImmunoClean™ and
  2. An equal number of the Activator into a glass or cup (do not use plastic cups).
  3. Hold at an angle to allow the drops to mix
  4. Allow to activate for 3 minutes.
  5.  Add to this activated solution a cup of tea (hot or cold – no milk or sugar added – honey is acceptable) or add approximately 175-220ml of water or fresh fruit juice, other than orange juice
  6. DO NOT use store bought juices as there is no way to ensure that Vitamin C, colourants, added sugars or preservatives) have NOT been added.
  7. Drink the solution within 15 minutes from activation.
  8. Follow the activation process on the chart alongside
  9. If nausea experienced, reduce the number of drops to 1:1 drop and follow instructions for a parasite cleanse. Nausea is usually a sign of parasitic infestation.