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The mouth routinely harbours about 300 different varieties of bacteria, however it has been scientifically proven that the troublemakers are spirochetes, motile rods, and cocci. Reduce these “nasty” bugs below certain levels and… 

The Body Heals Itself!

Once a person realizes how easy it is to understand the cause of gum disease, a little additional thinking then allows one to understand the decay process… the same mechanism applies here, only here it’s the acid part or the toxic waste products that eats holes in the teeth. The notches that many people have at the necks of some teeth are almost always caused by a build-up of toxic waste products below the gum line “before” the gums recede.

Dentists always want to blame the patients for improper tooth brushing… That’s not true. The notches and the receding gums are both caused by the same problem. All doctors are alike; dentists, medical doctors, etc. When there are good results taking place they immediately take all the credit. When bad results are happening, they blame the patient!

When searching for an answer, while the origin of the problem is unknown, ALL potential solutions are at best… Guess Work. 

The Solution

The bottom line on the problem of gum disease is simply that the neck-of-the-tooth is not given proper attention. Dentists are directly to blame because they concentrate all of their efforts on the crowns of the teeth …they fill them, inlay them, bridge them, etc. That’s where the big money is! Therefore, the public never learns that the main “trouble spot” is the crevice at the neck of the tooth. The solution lies in cleansing this crevice of the toxic waste products from harmful bacteria.

Early in life this can be accomplished with a toothbrush and Clean-Between, plus…a device to flush out the crevice. If some gum disease has set in so the crevice is rapidly becoming a crevasse, then a “Special Tip” is required …the Special Tip squirts a stream of salt water that is much more directional than the ordinary tips.

If the disease is even more advanced, then more sophisticated tips and methods, and therapeutic rinses, may be necessary.

These self-help methods of controlling gum disease have been used successfully for over 20 years. The reason that the results are so dramatic is that this approach is aimed at stopping the cause of the problem . . . other methods are an attempt to control the symptoms.

One should be cautious however, in his thinking about these methods. The more severe the gum disease the more difficult these methods become. It may be necessary to retain the help of a dentist who has been specifically trained in helping people to help themselves. Doctor-dependent treatment such as gum surgery is rapidly being replaced with self-help methods aimed at eliminating the cause.

Intrinsic Factor

As a final consideration in understanding the etiology of gum disease, it is well to keep in mind that no two human beings are exactly alike. There is a wide variation of people’s resistive ability when it comes to fighting off gum disease.

In a large sample of people whose general health would be considered good, a few would have such strong resistance that their gums and supportive bone stays healthy even if they were very neglectful of oral hygiene, eating habits, etc. Another small group would be highly prone to Sum deterioration even if they were very conscientious. A large group in the middle would suffer what might be called typical gum disease.

Also a certain number of people will suffer from what could be called “magnified” gum problems. Gum disease can be exacerbated by many conditions, including immunosuppression, malnutrition, or other general debility, endocrine abnormalities, etc. Therefore, anyone who has been using all the right methods of eliminating the cause of gum disease but still having problems, should analyse the possibility of some Intrinsic Factor that might be complicating the overall health picture.

Being treated medically for a variety of problems can also have side effects complicating the gum disease situation. For example, about 500 different commercially prepared drugs have side effects that can cause a reduction in the amount of saliva flow. Reduced salivary flow can have an extremely damaging effect on the gums and supportive bone.

Some of the most common drugs that produce the dry mouth syndrome are:

  • Actifed
  • Benadryl
  • Chlortrimeton
  • Compazine
  • Dimetane
  • Donnatal
  • Librax
  • Ornade
  • Sudafed
  • Thorazine
  • Valium

One cannot be too careful when it comes to good nutrition. This is probably more important than any single factor. A 25-year empirical study has lead the staff at the People’s Dental Association to a determination of certain basic nutritional needs. It seems that those who’s gum tissue and bone stay healthy have been eating well and adding additional nutrients included in a “Defense Mechanism Formula”.

This 25-year empirical study has found that when lacking any of the nutrients in the “basic” … Defense Mechanism Formula, almost everyone will suffer some degree of gum and bone disease. Some people need a few additional nutrients over and above the Defense Mechanism Formula, which is a matter that requires individual investigation and decision. As with all dental and health matters, personal consul can be obtained by phone or otherwise from the People’s Dental Association.

For many years…almost 300 years, it was falsely believed that gum disease was caused by plaque in general. Therefore, people who didn’t clean well could expect gum disease and those who cleaned well were protected…Wrong So is it any wonder that we have so many disillusioned people suffering an unwanted disease today?

About 10 years ago the light at the end of the tunnel began to appear. Research studies by Socransky at Forsyth Dental School in Boston, and by Loesche at the University of Michigan began to indicate that the cause of gum disease was much more “specific” than the old plaque theory. In fact, the new technology described at least five different types of gum disease based on the specific nasty bugs involved in the infectious process.

This new evidence is probably best understood by thinking of an old disease we all know and understand…”strep throat”. A reddened throat, inflamed, and infected by betahemolytic streptococcl, and you have…”strep throat”. This is a very specific disease, with a very specific cause, and needs very specific treatment.

So it is with gum disease, seen in light of today’s knowledge. Gum disease is a very specific disease, with a specific cause, and needs specific treatment. The presence of plaque and tartar are only incidentally related…they are NOT THE CAUSE!

Healthy gums: gram-positive facultative rods and cocci-predominately Actinomyces species and streptococci.

Sick gums: gram- negative anaerobic rods primarily Bacteroids and Fusobacteria.

GI-aids: A diseased condition of the gum tissue characterized by lowering or reduction of the strength of the immune system to resist bacterial invasion of the gums, further manifested by an allergic-like reaction of the supportive jawbone to the toxic waste products produced by the bacteria. This progressive deterioration of supportive bone Is a very insidious disease. This disintegration of the bone results in such a sea of pus and infection that it encapsulates the teeth and destroys them.

As previously mentioned warm salt water used in an irrigating device is probably the best all-around protection when one wants to rinse away toxic waste products produced by harmful bacteria. It cannot be stressed enough that brushing and flossing are not enough!

For situations where the gum disease is more advanced, the therapeutic rinse of choice is sanguanaria extract (SaE). For many centuries, various herbs have been used to help create oral health. Sanguinaria, an herbal extract, is an example of a beneficial rinse used for centuries by native cultures. It is a well-recognized homeopathic remedy. The extract is principally a mixture of benzophenathridine alkaloids, the chief constituent alkaloid being sanguinarine (Sa).

It seems very strange that in many cases native cultures using herbal methods were able to accomplish a much higher degree of health than so called Modern Medicine. The reader has probably learned of many other – personal examples in their own lives.

The only significant factor in today’s world are the irrigating devices… These undoubtedly have a beneficial effect in delivering the salt water or Sanguinaria extract to the right spot… the neck of the tooth, namely the gum crevice around the neck of the tooth.

This no-man’s-land of trouble, the neck of the tooth must be brought to the public’s attention so that they… the people can take over and solve this problem. Those who are waiting for dentists to “carry the banner”… will have a long wait. Most teeth won’t last that long. Now is the time for people to take charge of their own dental destiny. 

Article Source: The Gum Disease Conspiracy

How to Eliminate the Dentist from Your Life… Using Self – Help Methods

Life’s most valuable asset is health… and yet in today’s world it is frequently valued only after it is lost. Very few people today have escaped the problems of dental cavities and gum infection. The few who are totally free of gum disease, no cavities, no fillings, and no gum problems at all enjoy common ingredients in their health picture.

Good nutrition is a key factor among the group who enjoy freedom from any dental problems. Teeth, like bones, are made up of primarily calcium and phosphorus. Individuals who, at any time in their lives have been short-changed of these two valuable elements in their diet, will most likely suffer adverse dental effects… soft teeth, weak bone support for the roots, etc. The saliva that is produced for us by glands in and around the moth contains calcium and phosphorus in solution, along with various enzymes.

The calcium and phosphorus ions help to keep teeth strong by depositing themselves in the outer layers of the teeth. Therefore, under the “right conditions”, teeth are constantly being hardened or mineralized.

This condition is a factor enjoyed by all “decay immune” people. Those experiencing decay can, if they so choose, reverse the decay process (demineralization) and bring about remineralization, thereby eliminating the need for drilling and filling, or pulling of the teeth.

Sound too good to be true? Not really if you possess the proper KNOWLEDGE, and are willing to take ACTION.    Many people simply do not know exactly how teeth and gums get into trouble, so if one lacks knowledge, it’s possible to take corrective action.

SOLUTIONS do not come to those who do not understand the problem.

Teeth and supportive jawbones are weakened by improper nutrition, or by toxic waste products produced by bacterial colonies collecting within the mouth. The toxic waste products raise havoc with the calcium and phosphorus of the teeth and they cause inflammation of the gums.

Cavities appear in areas of greater concentrations of the acid-like waste products and if inflammation of the gums is allowed to persist for any length of time, it leads to infection of the gums. 

Loose, puffy gums is the next step in the deterioration process.  Prolonged loosening, flabby gums, destroy the connective fibres that hold our gums tight to teeth and bone. Then a space develops between the neck of the tooth and encircling gum tissue. This “abnormal” space is commonly called a pocket. As the space (pocket) deepens, it then erodes away the bone that holds the teeth in place. This is commonly referred to as pyorrhoea.   More teeth are lost due to pyorrhoea than due to decay. About 98% of all Americans have at least some areas of diseased gum tissue in their mouths, over half of these are also experiencing a progressive “bone loss”.  Fortunately, cavities and pyorrhoea (gum disease and bone loss) are both 100% preventable and both are reversible.

Most health oriented people these days know a good diet from a bad one. The so-called “secrets of nutrition” are really NOT secret at all to the nutrition conscious individuals who care about themselves and their minds and bodies. The building blocks of all body tissues are similar.

A diet lacking in essential elements will suffer consequences throughout the body, not just in one organ or tissue. The building blocks of both teeth and bone are calcium and phosphorus, but shortages of these two ingredients will cause other problems as well. 

Those who enjoy good nutrition but still suffer dental problems are generally suffering the ravages of toxic waste products stemming from an overabundance of bacterial colonies within the mouth.  For many people brushing and flossing is not enough to completely control dental problems, especially those who have already developed pockets at the necks of the teeth. conventional cleaning is simply not enough to rid the mouth of the toxic waste products responsible for all the trouble.

For years’ dentists and gum tissue specialists have recommended gum and bone surgery to cut away loose, flabby gums and infected bone. Supposedly after healing, the mouth can then be “again” kept clean by brushing and flossing. this is seldom the case, however, and most people wind up in the same condition in a short time and are told that surgery is necessary again and again.

The reason for this is that the real “cause” of the problem is not being attacked. a “cut job” is not the solution to the problem. The solution is hidden in a common sense approach to eliminating the toxic waste products; a solution, by the way, recommended by Dr. Levi S. Parmly in a book; “A Practical Guide To The Management Of The Teeth”, published in 1819!

Most schools of thought today give Dr. Parmly credit for being the first dentist (scientist?) to discover and report the real cause of cavities and gum infection. The majority of the American public lack this KNOWLEDGE, therefore cannot take ACTION.

Once pockets form (98% of Americans have early, moderate or severe pocket formation), brushing and flossing alone cannot remove toxic waste products from these “below the gum line spaces”. The only way known to accomplish this flushing away of the disease-producing toxins is by use of an oral irrigator, i.e. Via-jet or Water Pik. If the pockets are shallow, the regular Via-jet or Water Pik Tip is adequate. If the pockets have become moderate (even in limited areas), then a “Special Tip” or elongated directional (cannulae) tip is necessary.

When the toxic waste products that are being trapped in “below the gum line spaces” are flushed out daily with warm salt water, the body’s normal reparative processes set in and heal the diseased gum tissue. In most cases, once the gum disease begins to heal, the bone follows suit, growing back new bone where it’s been lost and tightening up loose, wobbly teeth (self-help healing of pyorrhoea).

In mouths where bacteria toxins run high, the decay process is also represented, so by eliminating the bacterial waste products from the teeth and gums the decay process stops, as well as gums and bone healing.

The saliva can then return to its intended condition of healing fluid rather than a sewage-transmission fluid. Only when this “healing fluid” state is achieved can cavities harden (remineralise). When toxic waste products abound, everything gets worse, not better. The human body normally produces approximately one quart of saliva each day.

When this saliva exists under such environmental conditions to be in the “healing fluid” state, then and only then will:

  • Cavities heal (remineralise) 
  • Gums heal (rejuvenate) 
  • Bone heals (tightening up loose teeth)

NOTE: When the saliva is of “healing fluid ability” an interesting phenomenon occurs: the calculus or tarter that builds up on teeth (deposited) is slowly dissolved, eliminating the need for painful and expensive scraping of the teeth by the dentist or dental hygienist.

Purifying the saliva and mouth can be speeded up today with new “state of the art” products. A rinse of a solution of highly concentrated calcium and phosphorus ions (with a remineralising catalyst) has recently been developed by a biochemical company here in this country.

To combat the build-up of bacterial colonies (producers of toxic waste products) a new teeth cleaning substance has been developed to retard the bacterial colonies from growing in the first place. Yet another rinse is available to kill off high concentrations of bacteria when a saliva test has shown them to be excessively high.

It is important to note here that the 2% of the public who are immune to cavities and gum problems, do not need these products, and diligent and effective removal of all bacterial colonies will, in time, produce the same beneficial effects. These products are only intended to hasten the process in cases where conditions are considered moderate to severe.

Healing Properties of Salt Water

The use of salt also promotes healing, so it’s ideal to use it 24 hours after minor dental surgery to help your mouth recover, according to Delta Dental.  It’s an isotonic solution, which means it contains the same salts and minerals our bodies do in equal concentrations. For this reason, it doesn’t irritate the mucous membranes as a medicinal mouthwash might, which is why many dentists recommend it as a gentle healing aid after a procedure.

Adapted from an article by Mercola.com 

DBM Protocol – Adjunct Therapy – Oral Cleanse – Salt Water Mouth Cleanse

For more information on salt and water and its importance, watch the video from our Natural Sources Page: Salt. Is It Good or Bad?

DBM COMMENTWarning: after healing has taken place in the mouth and/or the program is complete, do not use salt water as a mouth rinse too frequently as salt is acidic in nature, which could erode the teeth if used daily.  The acidity could soften the tooth enamel, making them susceptible to chipping, wearing and cavities.