Oral Cleanse

Oral saline solution or mouth rinse is used to cleanse and relieve pain associated with a canker sore, a soft tissue laceration, after oral surgery. Rinsing with warm salt water two to three times a day may help to relieve a toothache because salt water works as an antiseptic to gently remove bacteria from the infected area and reduce the alkalinity in the mouth.

Saline solution is easily prepared in your own home and only requires two to three ingredients that almost everyone has on hand.

A fresh batch should be made every time you use this rinse. It’s such an easy thing to do and takes all of 12 minutes to prepare.

Salt Water Mouth Rinse


  • 8 ounces (250ml) warm water
  • 1 teaspoon salt


  1. Start by bringing 8 ounces (250ml) of warm water to a rolling boil, about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat. Let water stand until it is cool enough to rinse with, but warm enough to completely dissolve the salt
  2. When cooled accordingly, place the salt in the water while gently stirring until the salt has been completely dissolved.
  3. Use the saline solution as directed and discard any leftover solution.

Using a Salt Water Mouth Rinse

Use a salt water rinse the same way you would use a traditional mouthwash.

  1. Sip a bit of the liquid and hold it in your mouth, gently swishing it against the gums.
  2. You can swish it through the rest of the mouth more vigorously.
  3. Swish the salt water in your mouth for around thirty seconds and then spit it into the sink or our repository of choice.
  4. If you like you can use a second sip to rinse for another thirty second round afterward. This motion will help remove build-up on the teeth and gums that appears when you eat or as bacteria grow in the mouth.
  5. Once this is finished you can continue brushing your teeth and flossing as necessary.

Throughout this process, we include the use of IMMUNOClean™ as a vital component towards the success of the cleanse.

Before beginning any cleanse, be sure you have consulted your DBM Physician / Practitioner.

Warning: Do not undergo any cleanse if you are pregnant, without first consulting your DBM Physician