Neuroscience can be described as the scientific study of the nervous system. In the last 30 years, neuroscienstists and other researchers have made key discoveries around the brain and mind and how they work.

Thanks to this progress, many fields and markets have been created. By better understanding the brain and its processes, we are now able to develop solutions to maintain and improve its functioning.

The study of the brain and the nervous system is not new. Some experts even date it back to old civilizations such as the ancient Egypt. For centuries and until very recently, researchers believed that the brain that you had when you were born could hardly be changed or altered throughout your lifetime. The world believed that your brain and cognitive abilities would simply decline over time and that there was nothing that could be done about it.

In recent years, this view around the brain has been drastically changed. Today, we understand through brain plasticity and neurogenesis, that the brain is malleable and can be changed throughout your life. Based with these latest findings, several technologies have been developed in order to let individuals take “control’ of their brain and their brain health. Brain fitness and other mind fitness techniques have emerged and are now available to train important cognitive abilities such as the short-term memory, long-term memory, focus and many other important skills.

Everyday, neuroscience is establishing the importance to keep your mind “fit”. New discoveries are showing the benefits of a trained brain on a large variety of applications and daily life situations. You can keep your brain healthy and sharp with our latest brain tuning treatments available for mental training.

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