Monsanto’s “Inside” Man at the FDA

The White house ordered the FDA to promote biotechnology, and former Monsanto attorney, Michael Taylor, headed up the FDA’s GMO policy, declaring that no safety studies on GMOs are required, since Monsanto and other producers determine if their foods are safe!

FDA scientists warned Taylor that GM foods might create allergies, poisons, new diseases, and nutritional problems – (according to documents released from a lawsuit  (See memos at – In the decision on whether GMOs had to be labelled or whether they had to be tested, Taylor claimed that the agency was not aware of any information showing that the foods created by genetic engineering were significantly different and therefore no testing and no labelling were required. Now, documents made public from a lawsuit showed that it was a lie. In fact, the overwhelming consensus among the FDA’s own scientists were that GM foods were inherently dangerous and could create allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems and of course they should be labelled because they are a food additive and food additives that are new and like that should have been labelled.

Today, the FDA don’t actually say you can’t label something as non-GMO but if you use the word “GMO-free”, the FDA may intervene, since cross-contamination of crops means that it cannot be 100% guaranteed, and it must be verified with expensive testing procedures.

Taylor later became Monsanto’s vice president, and was reinstalled at the FDA in 2009 by the Obama administration as the “US Food Safety Czar” – this blatant corruption continues unimpeded.

Serious conflicts of interest even in the U.S. Supreme court – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is also a former Monsanto attorney, but refused to acknowledge any conflict of interest as he heard Monsanto’s third appeal for deregulation of genetically modified alfalfa seeds (approved in 2011). After corn, soy and wheat, alfalfa is the most widely grown crop in the U.S. Alfalfa is easily cross-pollinated by bees and wind, and it’s a perennial, meaning GM alfalfa could live on for years, spreading their GM traits far and wide for a long period of time.

Monsanto’s rBGH (GM hormone given to cows to increase milk yield) has been banned in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and all 27 nations of the European Union, but still permitted in the U.S. – rBGH was approved by the U.S. FDA in 1993. Since then, accumulating scientific evidence has been enough for other governments to prohibit the use of rBGH, which shows a significant risk for initiating/promoting cancer.  Award-winning journalists from FOX news won a wrongful termination case (later over-turned on a technicality), when they were fired by FOX news (under strong pressure from Monsanto) for refusing to lie about what they had discovered about health problems caused by rBGH.  

Follow the link to BGH Bulletin to read full disclosure on the Fox Trial

~ 800 genetically engineered food applications have been submitted to the USDA, but not one single environmental impact statement has been prepared.

It is incomprehensible – in light of the findings we already have from animal studies, that the US is unwilling to implement precautionary principles with regards to GM foods.