Lymph Cleansing

Dry Brushing, Rebounding, FIR Saunas, MLD, Castor Oil Packs and HYDRATION

The lymphatic system removes waste from every single cell in the body (yes, even all the way down to your little toes).  Our lymph travels with our nerves, arteries and veins, and is twice as big as our arterial blood supply. 

This complex network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, ducts and glands (including the spleen, thymus and tonsils) that bathe our cells and carry the body’s “sewage” away from the tissues.  These organs work in conjunction with the lymph system to carry cellular waste into the bloodstream so that it can be eliminated.  The lymph system is responsible for handling endotoxins (internally produced toxins) as a result of normal metabolic processes in the body.

By cleansing your lymphatic system, you will improve the body’s ability to remove or sweep away toxins that are linked to problems such as cellulite, general aches and pains and even weight issues – but more importantly so it will improve certain auto-immune disorders.  By keeping your lymphatic system working well, your spleen is better able to handle the retired red blood cells.

Sadly, we don’t often talk about the lymph until it turns into cancer. In Ayurveda, the lymphatic system is the first system that is addressed.  That’s because congested   lymph   is responsible   for   a   variety   of ailments, including    suppressed    immune    system, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, aches and pains, bloating and poor digestion. If your lymph is sluggish, you’re also more prone to cellulite, collecting fat deposits and obesity.

Did you know that we are exposed to 82,000 different toxins, chemically-based products and processed foods in our environment weekly?  Detoxification is the body’s natural, ongoing process of eliminating harmful toxins from the body so that it can function at its best. Toxins are man-made chemicals found in the air, water, food, household cleaners and cosmetic products as well as waste products produced by normal cellular activity.

When toxins enter the body through the skin, nasal passage or mouth, the body prevents “pollution” by surrounding the toxins with fat and water and stores them in different areas of the body.  This can put a strain on our body’s own detox system (the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems). These systems can become burdened as they try to safely excrete toxins.

Our bodies were not meant to work this hard to maintain optimal functioning.  By adding following our Cleanse Program, you can help pull these toxins, along with the excess fat and water, out of the body and improve your health quickly.

The lymphatic system is the most forgotten and least understood system in the body. It is critical to the detoxification process. The lymph travels parallel with the blood system and is responsible for the removal of wastes from every cell in the body, in addition to regulating the immune system. The lymph is thus a very important system to support optimal health.

Keep Your Body’s Drains Clean

The lymphatic system is like the garbage system of the body. Proper functioning of the lymphatic system is essential in order to properly eliminate wastes. Our lymphatic system can become and remain congested and stagnant for many years. Thus, we often live in an environment of toxins that weakens our immunity. Proper lymph drainage will eliminate these toxins and assist the body to function optimally.

The enzymes and acids in raw fruit are powerful lymph cleansers particularly when eaten on an empty stomach.  By adding raw fruits and vegetables to your daily diet your lymph will have the tools its needs to do the serious deep cleansing that has to be done to keep the body functioning well. 

Digestion: Where It All Begins

The body’s ability to detox starts in digestive system, in the villae of the small intestine.  The “lacteals” in the villae are part of the lymphatic system and they pull nutrients and fat-soluble toxins off the intestinal wall. If the gut is constipated or there is excessive reactive mucus bogging down the villi, the lymph and its white blood cells may not provide immunity or detoxification.

The highest concentration of lymph is found lining the outside of the gut wall and is called the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT). The skin of the intestinal tract is constantly being exposed to toxins and undesirable microbes that could present a problem. So, the body has an immunity army waiting in the GALT just across the wall of the gut. 

Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion

Are you experiencing any of these lymphatic congestion symptoms?

  • Rings have got tight on fingers
  • Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning
  • Feeling tired
  • Bloating
  • Itchy skin
  • Holding on to water
  • Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle
  • Dry skin
  • Brain fog
  • Cold hands and feet

Major Causes of Lymphatic Congestion

  • Stress has been identified as the cause of about 80% of all chronic health issues. The chemistry of stress is degenerative and lymph congesting.
  • Digestive imbalances may irritate intestinal villi, which is a classic reason for lymph congestion. As the majority of the lymph in the body surrounds the gut (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissues – GALT), the quality of the villi are critical for proper lymph flow, detoxification, assimilation and immunity.
  • Iodine deficiency is also a common cause of lymphatic congestion. Iodine helps to mitigate the effects of a toxic environment and supports the lymph at the cellular level.

Foods that support a healthy lymphatic system

Start educating yourself on how to treat the lymphatic system – by avoiding toxins, chemicals, and foods that are hard to digest—that means processed foods that are steeped in pesticides, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.  For more information on foods that best support a lymph cleanse and a healthy lymphatic system follow the link.

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