How are Parasites transmitted?

How Do Parasites Gain Entrance Into The Body?

  • Produce, dairy, undercooked meat (Badly cooked or uncooked foods such as beef, pork, poultry and fish; Some fruit and vegetables can also contain parasites.
  • Infected water – Poor water supplies and poor sanitation can transmit parasites.
  • From pets – which host numerous parasites; Pets and farm animals are often carriers of parasites.
  • From the air – which can carry microscopic parasites and fungi
  • From one another – through blood, saliva, semen, through sexual contact, the nose, skin and breast milk; meaning by kissing on the mouth, sex, nursing and child bearing.
  • Through transmitting agents such as mosquitoes, fleas and flies.
  • From contaminated food.
  • In areas where sanitation or sewer systems are lacking or badly maintained, parasites and worms can quickly multiply.
  • Parasites can commonly be found in mud pools, stagnant ponds, streams, rivers and other small or large pools of water that has remained there for a while.
  • Bad hygiene in toilets and other public places can also be the cause.

Adapted from Article – Reference:Shirley Emmons BSc. (Hons) – Independent Natural and Alternative Health Researcher