Healing Smoothie #2

DBM Healing Smoothie Recipe – Jazzed Up

This Recipe Forms Part of The DBM Daily Healing Program – Patient Specific

  • You can add carrot, mango or spanspek into your smoothie   too   to   change   the   flavours   up   a   bit. Remember it should always taste nice. One can also do a green smoothie to help the haemoglobin and natural iron levels along. Add some apple, banana, broccoli, celery, mint, parsley and spinach for a green smoothie change up.
  • You can also vary the fruits going into the smoothie and really experiment with what is nice – having beetroot for   example   will   make   the   smoothie   red   and   a minimum of every second day with beetroot would be great for your liver.  
  • Banana is good for energy and beneficial to have before 11am.    Paw-paw and pineapple is good for healing enzymes. Parsley lifts iron and haemoglobin levels.