Gut Repair Program

DBM Protocol – Adjunct Therapy – Gut Repair Program

Whilst on this Gut Repair Program, it is essential to remain on a “liquid” diet, so as to give the gut time to heal and rebalance.  This Four Day Program can be reapplied to your Lifestyle as an on-going routine every couple of months to help the gut.

The best way to do this is with juices, soups and smoothies for at LEAST 4 days.  The gut replenishes vital mucous at around the 4-day mark.  For those that have been diagnosed with chronic gut problems, it is essential to retain parts of these gut protocols as an on-going program after the 4-day rebalance.

A more effective healing process is remaining on this program for 28 to 66 days, but we understand that each person is different and liquid diets are not easy, nor is it something that can be done on a continuous level at home, without guidance and regular ‘check-ups’ by a healthcare practitioner.

All the ingredients used must be organic (fresh), well rinsed in hydrogen peroxide water by adding 1 tablespoon to the sink – placing all the fruit and veg into the bowl and leaving to stand for a few minutes – before used.  If frozen – make sure that they are JUST frozen fruits or vegetables and that they contain no additives/preservatives are added.  The recipes for smoothies, juices and soups specific to the Gut Repair Program are below.

Note: Throughout this 4-day program probiotics play a large role in helping to restore the microbiome. 

See charts for an overview of what Phase I of our Gut Repair Program looks like.

For information on how to make this probiotic – see Sauerkraut.  To read more on how important a healthy gut is to your overall well-being follow this link.

An example of a Gut Healing Program would include foods such as:

It is important to understand that healing the gut IS NOT a quick fix solution.  We provide the gut with some relief over a 4-day period, but to truly rectify the gut and return it to health and balance can easily take up to 66 days or more – each person is different.  Being aware of what you eat, when you eat it, how you eat it will go a long way to helping your gut return to health. Read more on a healthy gut on our Gut Health page

Barbara O’Neill, a very respected Naturopath from Australia has this to say about:

Gut Health and IBS