Fulvic / Humic Acid – Cancer & Diseases

Humic and Fulvic have been shown to increase super oxide dismutase (SOD)

Humic and Fulvic are also considered Super antioxidants that neutralize all classes of free radicals. They carry both a positive or negative charge that can either donate or receive electrons depending on the need to neutralize a free radical’s activity.

Specific Degenerative Diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases, and Osteoporosis

The following takes a closer look at some of the major Degenerative Diseases specifically and outlines some of the Fulvic and Humic studies regarding these diseases. These studies show that even once a disease processes has started, it is possible to slow and even reverse it by reversing Chronic Acidity and Inflammation, improving Oxygenation, and reducing Free Radicals.

This information is also important in terms of prevention, as well as to understand the disease epidemic we are experiencing, so that we can change things. Every person in the United States is either affected personally, knows of someone who is affected, or both, by this disease epidemic.

Fulvic Acid Molecule


Cancer is now the second leading cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. Epidemiology studies show that in 1964 only 1 in 261 people were affected by Cancer is now expected to affect 1 in every 3 females and 1 in every 2 males. These are startling statistics.

Most people are unaware that right now their body is producing cancer cells. They are always being created in the body. When our immune system is working normally it can kill Cancer cells, and we stay healthy. In fact, our immune systems developed the ability to seek out and destroy cancer cells. One’s immune system was designed to eradicate the possibility of those cells multiplying uncontrollably and destroying healthy tissue to form sarcomas, carcinomas, leukaemia, and lymphomas. Cancer cells thrive in acid and produce it.

The cellular fluid of Cancer cells is highly acidic and their metabolic functions occur in the absence of oxygen because of it. It is interesting to note that Cancer cells metabolize glucose by fermentation which does not require the presence of oxygen like normal cells typically do. Lactic acid is one the end products (waste) of glucose fermentation which is a strong acid (stronger than the acid CO2 produced as waste in glucose metabolism in the presence of oxygen).

A Cancer cell itself creates increasingly more acid upon which to thrive. The pH of Cancer patients routinely tests extremely low.

One type of immune system white blood cell injects the Cancer cell with oxygen to kill it. The effect of injecting it with oxygen raises its pH, stops its metabolic processes which only occur in the absence of oxygen, and it dies.

Cancer and Free-Radicals

Breakthrough cancer research supported by the National Institute of Health clearly indicates that excessive oxidants or free-radicals play an important role in causing cancer, AND that antioxidants or free-radical scavengers help suppress cancer. In a surprising new development, the study shows that cancerous cells themselves are causing an overproduction of free-radicals. These free radicals act as messengers sending signals though protein pathways, bombarding surrounding cells uncontrollably with damaging free radicals. Super-antioxidants work to obstruct the signalling protein pathways, neutralizing the spread of cancer. Unique protein inhibiting antioxidants block the necessary signals that normally allow adjacent cells to become cancerous.

Cancer and Humic and Fulvic

Humic and Fulvic are one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Studies show that Humic and Fulvic molecules carry both a negative and a positive charge, making them both a donor and acceptor which can neutralize free radicals.

Although Humic and Fulvic may not reverse an advanced case of cancer, it has the potential of dramatically slowing if not halting its growth. In less advanced cases it has been shown to not only halt its growth and spread, but also to reverse it. In many more animal studies, it has been shown to be a powerful preventative in the development of cancer, where most if not all animals in the control groups died. There have been several significant clinical studies showing its effectiveness to protect against Cancer AND the related Cancer causing viruses.

Studies often show reversal of deadly cancers and tumours:

  • It has been shown to have a 100% success rate in patients with cancer causing tumours of the oesophagus in preventing tumour progression into the cancerous state when treated for two years with Humic and Fulvic extract solution.
  • Outpatient medical hospital studies on thyroid tumours showed that treatment with Humic and Fulvic extract was 90% successful in stopping tumour growth and diminishing the size of tumours, with 80% of patients having complete cures.
  • It has been found that naturally-occurring Humic and Fulvic preparations can stimulate the production of cytokines, including interferon-gamma, interferon-alpha, interferon-beta, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha. Important to help the body selectively seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Humic/Fulvic controls uterine cancer in rats

Humic and Fulvic markedly reduce the mutagenic (cancer-causing cell mutations) effect of benzopyrene, 3-aminoanthracene, 2-nitroflourine and 1-nitropyrene, and many other toxins. Literally hundreds of studies link cancer to viruses, specifically colon, penile, uterine, cervical, liver, medulloblastoma which is a brain cancer in children, and many others. The increase in the incidence of these cancers has paralleled the decrease in Humic and Fulvic and organic minerals from farm soils. The anti-viral power of Humic and Fulvic has been deeply studied and well-documented.  One pharmaceutical company has patented a Humic/Fulvic based drug that purifies blood for transfusions, killing the HIV virus without damaging blood cells.

Cancer and Sugar Consumption

Finally, a Cancer cell’s primary food source is sugar. If you or a loved one is dealing with Cancer it is also imperative you cut-out as many refined sugars (this means artificial sweeteners too) and carbohydrates as possible because they digest extremely fast and flood the body. Your body cannot produce enough insulin to get the sugar into your cells before the cancer cells get all of just what they like to eat.

Cancer and a Primarily Vegetarian Diet

More complex carbohydrate food sources are broken down much slower than simple carbohydrates and sugars. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of more complex carbohydrates, and of course they are very alkaline producing in your body. Most people with Cancer should strongly consider a vegan diet and take other steps to alkalize their bodies.

Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiation

Chemotherapy and Radiation are considered the Gold Standard for treating patients with Cancer by traditional practitioners. There is much inertia about this and, it may surprise you to know, there is a lot of money at stake to keep things as they are. Drug companies make a lot of money on chemotherapy drugs: up to $600,000 per course.  They provide a great deal of money to major universities, hospitals and research institutions who conduct the clinical trials on these drugs. You are seen and treated at these institutions. These institutions need this funding support.

Before blindly agreeing to these treatments, find out for yourself what the outcomes are for a particular type of cancer for any course of treatment, and educate yourself about it. In many cases, chemo and radiation are the best course, but they also do significant irreversible damage to our bodies. Some, including doctors, believe they can be worse than the disease. When doctors themselves or their family members contract Cancer, many chose otherwise when faced with this personal decision because they know how damaging chemotherapy drugs and radiation are to our bodies. And, some of these doctors are now our leading alternative Healers and educators.

Alternative treatments are typically tried when chemo and radiation have failed, and they even show success despite the damage chemo and radiation have done. If you don’t panic and allow yourself the opportunity to review your options, listen to your inner guide and have confidence of its power, you will know which direction to choose.

Heart Disease

Heart disease affects over 80 million people and is the leading cause of death in the United States. Cholesterol lowering drugs have helped control the precipitous rise in death rates in the last 10 years, but their effect is equivalent to saying that now only 1 in 3 rather than every 1 in 2 people will die as a result of heart disease.  In addition, the side-effects of these drugs have long-lasting, if not permanent side-effects.  Reducing cholesterol without finding the cause is extremely detrimental to health.

An acidic body environment has significant effect on the heart and veins and arteries, especially as it relates to LDL-Cholesterol and plaque formation. LDL-cholesterol is laid down at an accelerated rate in the heart when our body is acidic. LDL-Cholesterol forms plaques along with inorganic mineral metals such as calcium and cellular debris from the
bloodstream. When these plaques get large enough, they become unstable and can rupture. When a plaque ruptures, it stops blood flow. A heart attack occurs when blood flow is stopped and oxygen in the blood cannot be transported to a particular area of the heart.

The amount of cholesterol in the diet has not been found to be a major factor in cholesterol plaque formation. Rather, pH status and inflammation appears to be the factor more directly involved in binding cholesterol with mineral metals and other cellular debris on arterial walls.

Everything in the cardiovascular system works normally when the pH of blood plasma is slightly alkaline, having a pH of 7.35 to 7.41. The body is programmed to do everything it can to maintain the blood within this pH range at the expense of everything else. But, when the heart plasma habitually becomes a relatively more acid pH<7.35, it acts as a chemical irritant which slowly begins to attach and eat away at the smooth muscle tissues of the inner walls of arteries and veins, as well as the heart itself.

An acidic environment and inflammation result in partial lipid breakdown and destructive oxidative cascades accelerating free radical damage of arterial walls and intracellular membrane structures. In this process, many healthy cells are destroyed. This erosion process begins to weaken the structural composition of the heart, arterial and venous walls, causing lesions and microscopic tearing throughout its framework. Simultaneously, an acid pH also destabilizes free ionic balances within circulation, which directly interferes with the muscle contractility (contraction and relaxation) of the heart and arteries.

Tissue Damage caused by Chronic Circulatory Acidity and ionic imbalances, are now thought to be those factors which critically precipitate the development of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), hypertension (high blood pressure), an aneurysm (widening and ballooning of artery walls), arrhythmia’s (abnormal rhythms of the heart including tachycardia), myocardial infarction (heart attacks) and strokes (a cardiovascular accident).

Blood pressure changes are also a result of chronic acidity through the structural weakening of the cardiovascularity, and also by hormonal and sympathetic nervous system responses to plasma pH. The body is programmed to maintain plasma pH by whatever means possible sometimes at the detriment to the body and even life itself. When the pH is less than 7.2, the arteries become dilated. Yet, severe lowering of blood pH also causes persistent venous vasoconstriction. When this happens, peripheral blood is shifted more centrally: the more acidic we are the greater the fractional redistribution of blood to the central vessels.

This central redistribution of blood adds to the heart’s workload when its contractility is compromised. Interestingly, increased venous pressure occurs in congestive heart failure. This may obviously have potentially lethal cardiovascular effects, making it difficult to control high blood pressure/hypertension, various arrhythmia’s and the advent of heart attack.  As we know, the primary cause of Acidity is a mineral deficiency, specifically alkalizing minerals.

In addition to its remarkable effect on Acidity and Balancing pH, Humic and Fulvic have been shown to be able to interact positively (chelate) and help dissolve any metallic (inorganic) mineral such as inorganic calcium in diseased tissue and transmutate and relocate usable new mineral organic complexes to other areas needed by the body. The plaques that cause heart attacks contain metallic inorganic minerals.

It is exciting many researchers about the possibilities of Humic and Fulvic playing a role to assist the body to shrink plaques thereby decreasing the risk of a heart attack. And, although it is exciting to researchers, it is even more exciting to those with cardiovascular diseases.

Insulin Resistance / Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by an inability to transport sugar from the bloodstream into cells. Once inside cells, sugar (glucose) is used to generate the energy that is essential for normal cellular function. Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, attaches to insulin receptors which are found on every cell in your body that signals the cell to allow it to transport glucose inside.

Diabetes is now considered by our national health institutions to have now reached epidemic proportions and is a very costly disease. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year for treatments.

Chronic acidity contributes to a state of insulin resistance within the body by interfering with glucose delivery to the cells. Normally, ordinary levels of insulin will escort glucose into the cells. In an acidic environment, the cell receptors fail to recognise the insulin hormone and deny it access to deposit the glucose, causing sugar to build up within the bloodstream. The pancreas, unaware of the insulin resistance, steps up insulin production in an effort to pump out enough of the hormone to remedy the situation. The body interprets the lack of glucose within the cells as starvation and begins to convert every calorie into fat.

The pancreatic cells that produce insulin are also highly sensitive to acid. Chronic body acidity is thought to be a very dangerous condition because these beta cells are especially sensitive to pH, and find it very difficult to function and survive when conditions are acidic. An Acid environment also creates excessive free-radicals.

Free radicals attack and damage the pancreatic Islet B cells to further exacerbate the problem.
Interestingly, before the advent of synthetic insulin, diabetes was treated historically by buffering the system with base or alkaline causing powders to neutralize the acid. Doctors recognized the root of the problem was the underlying acidity. It was critical to neutralize the acid so the remaining pancreatic cells that still produced insulin would be saved and their patient would survive. Once synthetic insulin was introduced, doctors somehow forgot about the importance of addressing the underlying acidity.

It is also very interesting that having diabetes, a degenerative disease with chronic acidity and inflammation at its roots, also dramatically increases the risk of developing other degenerative diseases caused by acidosis and chronic inflammation. Study after study has shown that diabetics also have a significantly higher risk of heart disease. A major study was recently published showing that patients with Rheumatoid arthritis are at a much higher risk to develop diabetes and heart disease.

Humic and Fulvic have shown significant success in numerous clinical studies in the treatment of diabetes.

  • Humic and Fulvic in combination with organic minerals alkalize the body and reverse acidity. Humic and Fulvic convert minerals into their organic, bioactive form and transports them to where they are needed.
  • Acidity is the underlying cause of blocking our insulin receptors’ ability to recognise and respond to insulin which transports glucose from the bloodstream into the cells causing insulin resistance – the precursor to diabetes.
  • Metabolic process especially glucose metabolism, and enzymatic reactions, are dramatically improved with Humic and Fulvic. Humic and Fulvic are involved in these reactions, as are the organic minerals they create and transport.
  • Humic and Fulvic are ferocious free-radical scavengers. This helps to protect the insulin producing cells that are highly-sensitive to acidic conditions.
  • Humic and Fulvic have been shown to increase super oxide dismutase (SOD) activity.
  • Patients in Humic and Fulvic trials reported the reduction or disappearance of the tingling, painful feeling and numbness experienced in the nerve endings.

Autoimmune Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia)

Autoimmune diseases is a catch-all phrase that includes several diseases such as Graves’s disease, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Autoimmune refers to the body’s own immune system attacking its own tissues and organs.

Chronic Acidity causes cellular injury. Cells comprise tissues, so as cells are injured, so are tissues. We can imagine what would happen if we put our finger in acid, it would cause injury to our skin tissue. Typically, acid would cause a burning sensation. If we were smart, we would remove our finger from the acid fairly quickly. Our immune cells would then migrate to our finger in attempt to heal the damage done to the cells/tissue of our finger from the acid. The skin on our finger would become inflamed and it would hurt until our immune system and proteolytic enzymes (enzymes that break down proteins) did their job to remove the injured cells and cellular debris caused by the acid.

If the acidity and inflammation are chronic such as in rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints leading to their deformation, it is similar to not being able to remove your finger from the acid in the example above. Inflammation is a basic way in which the body reacts to infection, irritation such as acid, or other injury, and is now
recognized as a type of nonspecific immune response. When the irritant is removed (the acid), the inflammation goes away.

Chronic Acidity results in the body diverting the harmful acids it cannot neutralize or eliminate, to less vital tissues to protect vital organs for storage and later removal (if that even happens), such as the skin, joints, and bones. This might make the vital organs temporarily safe, but the diversion can cause joint and skeletal problems such as painful osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. The acid will damage the cells in these areas and the immune system will begin to attack them as they become sick because it recognizes them as unhealthy.

One of the primary jobs of some immune cells is to remove sick or dead cells and clean up their cellular debris. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia are called autoimmune diseases because the immune system attacks the body’s own cells.

To many, including in the medical profession, the causes of autoimmune diseases are mysterious. Isn’t it interesting that if chronic acidity and inflammation impairs, damages, or even destroys cells, and the immune system recognizes these cells and tissues as unhealthy and attacks them—wouldn’t it be functioning the way it is supposed to…and just doing its job?

In a recent issue of Annals of Rheumatic diseases, doctors found that people with rheumatoid arthritis, have lower levels of common antioxidants (substances that neutralize free-radicals) in their blood in the years before the disorder is diagnosed. A new study suggests that the same may be true for another autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus.

Chronic Body Acidity injures cells and tissues and they become inflamed. Free radical production is a by-product of inflammation. Many people do not realize that during normal metabolic activity free radicals are also produced, and our body naturally produces anti-oxidants. Our natural store of antioxidants are available to neutralize the free radicals produced during normal metabolic reactions and there is typically enough to do the job. This is not the case, however, when other activities such as chronic acidity and inflammation produce free radicals in the body and compete for the antioxidants. Free radicals themselves harm our cells and tissues. If cells cannot repair the damage caused by an overabundance of free radicals, the immune cells recognize them and attack them. Chronic Acidity continually injures cells and tissues. Now there are two factors present to harm more cells and tissues. It is easy to see that in time more free radicals are being produced than our antioxidants can handle and the problem can worsen. More free radicals, more tissue damage. More acidity, more tissue inflammation, more free radicals.

As mentioned previously, Acidity also affects our body’s immune system and its ability to produce immune cells. Immune cells are produced in fewer numbers and are weaker than normal. Already the immune system is overtaxed by all the inflammation and free radical damage that it has a hard time keeping up the pace. Viruses, bacteria, and fungus pathogens are attracted to a feed off the damaged tissue. The immune system now has another battlefront to contend with and will eventually become overwhelmed.

Reversing and Balancing pH will remove the irritant causing the inflammation, and the free-radical damage to cells. The immune system can clean-up the damage so there is nothing attracting the pathogens. Now that there is no further damage being done by the acid, and the immune system has the opportunity to clean up the mess.   Immune cells stop attacking the body’s cells and tissue because all that is left is healthy cells and tissue–immune cells do not recognize and attack healthy cells and tissue!

At the root of Acidity is a mineral deficiency – specifically alkalizing minerals – all of them…all 74+ of them. Coupled with food choices, is the fact that our food no longer contains the organic minerals and Humic and Fulvic our bodies need.

The studies showed that Humic and Fulvic and associated organic minerals reverse the acidity and inflammation. Humic and Fulvic are also considered Super antioxidants that neutralize all classes of free radicals. They carry both a positive or negative charge that can either donate or receive electrons depending on the need to neutralize a free

Finally, Humic and Fulvic have been shown to be able to interact positively with the degenerative calcium deposits and unhealthy bone structures in the body. Calcium is one of the major alkalizing mineral the body uses to balance pH. It’s possible these calcium deposits occur because the body is trying to counteract the acid being stored in the joints of Arthritis sufferers.

In one study, after beginning to take Humic and Fulvic and organic supplementation, Arthritis sufferers first noticed an immediate and marked increase in discomfort, and this discomfort continued for 1 to 2 weeks or sometimes longer after beginning of use. This discomfort is believed to be due to the breakdown of calcium deposits in the joints and it’s ongoing and subsequent mobilization, dissolution, and removal.

It is further believed that these calcium deposits react with the Humic and Fulvic bound organic minerals to transmutate them into more suitable forms that become beneficial to the body.

This is an example of Humic and Fulvic’s unique ability to help dissolve any metallic (inorganic) mineral in diseased tissue and transmutate and relocate usable new mineral organic complexes to other areas needed by the body or eliminate them from the body. After the initial painful period, the discomfort begins to diminish and noted relief of
symptoms begins.

Some arthritis sufferers notice the beginning of relief in 2 to 3 weeks. Others may take longer, yet show signs of relief after several months of use. Some people notice significant relief of arthritis symptoms in about 30 days. A significant number of people reported total relief in 1-5 months.

Instead of focusing on a particular disease and treating the symptoms of that disease, our medical community is finally accepting that maybe it’s a good idea to investigate underlying phenomenon at the root of diseases – a look at the forest first as a whole, rather than individual trees.

Article Source: thehelix12project