Fulvic Acid Myths

Myth: Plant roots turn metallic minerals into colloids.

Truth: Fulvic acid created by microbes turn metallic minerals into molecular complexes, which in turn are available to plant roots.

Myth: Extracts from ancient humic deposits contain colloidal minerals.

Truth: Extracts from ancient humic deposits contain fulvic acid mineral complexes in varying ratios and concentrations.

Myth: Colloids are readily absorbable by human or plant cells.

Truth: The term “colloids” was incorrectly used by some confused individuals, and the industry has continued to build upon it. True colloidal minerals are not readily absorbable, except for a low number in some samples that have been reduced to ionic size. These would still be metallic in form and not good for the body. The term colloids is being mistakenly used to refer to fulvic acid complexes, which are readily absorbable and in the perfect electrolyte form to react with cells.