Foods That Support Parasite Cleansing

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The ideal environment for parasites to live and grow in our bodies is promoted by a diet that includes refined carbohydrates (sugar), raw fish (sushi), undercooked meat (specifically pork) and even inadequately washed fruit and vegetables.

Parasites can cause health problems such as bloating, cramps, diarrhea, allergies, anal itching, anemia, low immune system, mucus or blood in stools and even affect your mood with anxiety or depression. Picking them up is easier than you think: restaurants with poor hygiene, holidays abroad with impure water, pets and animals.

Here are some of the most common parasites that could be infesting you:

10 foods that kill parasites – include them in your diet to get rid of parasites naturally.

Pumpkin & Sunflower SeedsFor the freshest pumpkin seeds, remove the seeds from your pumpkin and expose them to air for a few days to dry them out and eat them raw first thing each morning. Or if you like you can then bake them at 150c for 30 minutes with your favourite cold pressed oils and seasonings such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Seeds make a crunchy addition to cereals, porridge or salads. For a morning tonic, grind the seeds along with watermelon seeds into a powder and take with aloe vera juice on an empty stomach each morning. For a delicious salad dressing; grind seeds with fresh garlic, parsley and coriander leaves. Mix with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.
CoconutCoconuts provide the fatty acid, lauric acid. The only other plentiful source of this is from lactating women; breast milk. When ingested, lauric acid is then converted to monolaurin and kills or inactivates protozoa, including several species of ringworm and Giardia lamblia.  For tapeworms it is suggested to drink the juice and eat the flesh of one fresh coconut first thing each morning then fast for 4 hours
PomegranatesThis fruit has a sweet and sour flavour and can be used as a remedy for destroying worms in the intestinal tract.  When in season, eat 1-3 per day
PapayaThis fruit has a strong capacity to destroy worms, including most intestinal worms and tapeworm.  To enhance their anti-worm powers remove the skin and soak in apple cider vinegar for one day.  Then eat eight ounces (250g) of this pickled papaya and drink 2 ounces of the vinegar solution for 4 days.  As a preventative while travelling, eat a spoonful of papaya seeds once a day on an empty stomach. If you already have parasites, eat the seeds for one week, then wait a week and repeat.  It is important to chew the seeds thoroughly. If you don’t find them palatable you may blend them into smoothies
GarlicIf you (and your partner if you have one) can tolerate it, eat a garlic bud first thing every morning.  Chopping of crushing fresh garlic converts the phytochemical alliin to allicin, to which many of garlic’s health benefits are attributed.   For a tasty garlic hummus, puree 2 cloves of fresh garlic, 350 grams canned chickpeas, 2 tablespoons tahini, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and 3 tablespoons lemon juice.  Garlic is a great addition to fresh vegetable juices; remove the garlic clove from the bulb and wrap in parsley so that the chlorophyll can bind some of the strong odour and juice it before the other vegetables
HorseradishHorseradish is effective against food borne illness and is effective against some worms.  It is member of the cabbage family and is an ancient herb native to eastern Europe.  The Egyptians and early Greeks were quick to value its medicinal qualities.  When horseradish is cut, the powerful antibacterial ingredient allylisothiocyanate is released. Always grate fresh horseradish in a room with an open window to avoid the stringent fumes burning your eyes and nose.  A spoonful of fresh horseradish in soup adds a surprisingly mild but delicious flavour
ThymeThymus is a Greek name for ‘courage’ but also had the meaning ‘to fumigate’, which may be more appropriate in relation to its ability to cleanse the system of worms.  Regularly eat the sprigs of thyme and drink half a cup of thyme tea each morning and evening.  For a dressing or marinade add fresh garlic and thyme to extra virgin olive oil and leave for 1 week.
Cayenne PepperCayenne is a spice, closely related to the sweet red and chilli pepper, and widely used in Mexican and East Asian cuisines.  Also known as Capsicum, its botanical name is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to bite’. It certainly does add a kick when used as a condiment with food. Start with small amounts before increasing quantities and it will help to repel parasites.
Bitter MelonBitter melon looks like an ugly cucumber. It is one of the most popular vegetables in asia but an acquired taste for most westerners. In Chinese medicine, bitter foods drain ‘damp’ conditions such candida overgrowth and parasites.  If you haven’t managed to acquire the taste but still want to benefit from the medicinal effect, take a 60ml shot of the juice.
Green OnionsLike garlic, onions release the enzyme alliinase when it is cut or crushed.  A tip for preparing onions and avoiding the ‘crying factor’ caused by the sulphur compounds of onions, is to refrigerate the onions for an hour before cutting and use a very sharp knife.  For an anti parasitic tonic, juice the white part of green onions and add 2 teaspoons of sesame seed oil. Take twice a day on an empty stomach for 3 days

Throughout this process, we include the use of ImmunoClean™ as a vital component towards the success of one’s health.  Before beginning any program, be sure you have consulted your DBM Physician / Practitioner.

Warning: Do not undergo any program if you are pregnant, without first consulting your DBM Physician / Primary Care Physician

Adapted from Source: 10-Foods That Help Get Rid of Parasites