EMFs Within The Body

Some Electrical Activities in the body

Some of the Body’s Well-Known Electrical Activities – include:

  • The electrical activity of the heart – measured / interpreted with an electrocardiograph (ECG).
  • Electrical activity of the brain – measured /interpreted with an electroencephalogram (EEG). Touching a hot stove instantly sends electricity along the nerves to your brain –you feel pain. The brain communicates using an electrical energy flow, without which you could not see, hear, feel, taste or smell.
  • Nerve and muscle cells are triggered into action – by a large increase in the cell’s resting “battery”voltage. This potential change, called an action potential, propagates along the nerve axons, either conveying sensory information to the CNS, or conveying a message from the brain to the muscle cells. (Communication from one nerve cell to another or at the motor end plate takes place across junctions called synapses, most typically by means of chemical agents called neurotransmitters). Muscles can also be made to contract by stimulation with electrical impulses introduced into the body.

Some of the Body’s Not so Well-Known Electrical Activities – “The Body Electric”, a book authored by renowned physicist/researcher Dr. Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden, mention other interesting electrical activities in the body:

  • Skin is piezoelectric (turns pressure into electricity) and pyroelectric (turns heat into electricity).
  • Perineural cells are semi-conductive and polarized -Composing 90% of the brain, sheath-like cells surrounding nerve cells (perineural cells) are semi-conductive (current flow is controlled) and polarized (positive at the dendrite and negative at the axon). A direct current thus flows from the axon to the dendrite, resulting in a direct current flowing:
    • Along sensory nerves from the periphery back to the spine
  • The back-to-front direct current in the brain changes with state of consciousness – The current is stronger with heightened activity (physical or mental), declines during rest, and is reversed during sleep and anesthesia.

All brain wave frequencies are in the same range as the earth’s frequency

Body Cells Communicate Using Weak EMFs

Biological organisms, tissues and cells use WEAK, FREQUENCY-SPECIFIC, electromagnetic fields, produced by electric currents within the body, as one method to communicate with each other – An EMF carries information through its frequency and amplitude fluctuations.

In October of 1994, Alfred G. Gilman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Martin Rodibell of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences received the Nobel Prize for determining how the cells of the human body communicate with one another by sending and receiving “radio” signals.

Every Cell has its Own Electromagnetic Field, Vibrates, Emits Radiation

The cell “battery”voltage creates a surprisingly powerful electric field 10 to 20 million volts/meter -In addition, every cell emits electromagnetic radiation, much like a radio station emits signals.

A cell’s EMF is created by:

  1. The cumulative flow of electrically charged ions continuously going in and out of our cells;
  2. The transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes;
  3. Currents flowing through the intercellular matrix (in between cells).

Frequencies in the body**

Average Frequencies of The Body’s Organs

Healthy Body62 – 72 MHz.Temples70 – 78 MHz. (up to 100 MHz. in some)Thyroid / Parathyroid Glands62 – 68 MHz.
Thymus Gland65 – 68 MHz.Lungs58 – 65 MHz.Heart67 – 70 MHz.
Stomach58 – 65 MHz.Liver / Gallbladder55 – 60 MHz.Spleen / Pancreas60 – 80 MHz.
Transverse / Descending Colon; Small Intestine58 – 63 MHz.Ascending Colon50 – 60 MHz.

**During wake state, before a meal. Figures drop 10-20% after eating when the pancreas is producing digestive enzymes

Brain Frequencies*

Brain fields are a million times weaker than the other body parts.  Brain waves emanate throughout the body via the perineural system (the tissue surrounding the neuron), regulating the nervous system activity.  Brain waves are not constant in frequency, but vary from moment to moment.

StateFrequency RangeLevels of Consciousness
Gamma30? – 60? Hz.Consciousness, Higher mental Activity, Perception – 40 Hz. may be the key to binding sensory inputs into a single perceived cognition.  Peak concentration, heightened alertness, visual acuity.  No gamma waves produced under anaesthesia.
BetaNormal, Awake / Aware13 – 30? Hz.Consciousness, Normal awake state. Talking, active listening, irritable, aware.
AlphaRelaxed but Awake8 – 13 Hz.Relaxation – gateway to deeper states of consciousness.  Begin to access creativity. contains resonant frequency of the earth (Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz.).  Listening is in the higher alpha range, but edges to beta range with active listening (e.g. when singling out a voice amidst a noisy group of people).
ThetaDaydreaming, Imagining, Wandering Mind4 – 8 Hz.Twilight state (meditation) – experienced fleetingly coming out of the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.  Waking-dream, vivid imagery in the mind’s eye, receptive to information beyond normal conscious awareness.  Gateway to learning and memory.  Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.  Brainwave frequency edges down towards the delta range in a trance state.

*Brain frequencies are ~10 Hz. higher during the day than the night. There is no concise agreement on the ranges for the different states

Our body as a whole, also emits an EMF (biophotons /low-level luminescence with a wavelength between 200-800nm) produced by the cumulative EMFs (vibrating frequencies) of all our cells -The electric currents flowing in living organisms produce EMFs that extend outside of the body.E.g. Flowing electrical currents in the brain produce an EMF that can be measured and analyzed several feet away from the head, reflecting what is happening in the brain. 

  • This EMF is essentially broadcasting our overall physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state – Numerous bible accounts mention seeing people emanating a halo of light (actually an energy frequency);
  •  We are Only as Healthy as our Cells – A healthy body frequency averages 62-72 MHz (a cumulative average of various locations). A lower body frequency indicates a compromised immune system and sickness (E.g. Cold and flu symptoms appear at 58 MHz.).Body frequencies vary with body shape and height and can go up or down at any given time depending on many variables. These include environmental influences, eating times, whether one is awake or asleep and diet.E.g. Organic, uncooked foods, prayer and therapeutic grade essential oils raise body frequencies, while processed foods, drinking coffee, toxins and stress lower them.

Today, with a special type of photography, called Kirlian photography, we can actually see the level of the EMF around a living organism – essentially providing us with a “photograph”of our state of health.