Direct Spray Protocol

This protocol is used only at the instruction of your DBM Physician / Practitioner. FOR TOPICAL APPLICATIONS

  1. Follow the protocols for activating the ImmunoClean™
  2. Do not exceed the number of drops recommended unless advised otherwise by your DBM Physician / Practitioner.


  • plastic spray bottle
Dosage: Mix Ratio 1:1Method:
Add 10 drops activated ImmunoClean™ Drops to ¼ cup (75ml / cc) of luke warm water.Pour into a spray bottleDirect sprayFor pressure wounds (bedsores), wounds & ulcers


  • This method allows the spray direct access to any dermal viruses / bacteria or infections/poison.
  • It has a cleansing and sterilising effect but does not penetrate the outer dermis.


  • This method should be repeated in severe cases hourly until wound starts closing.
  • No bandages or dressings are necessary whilst treatment is in progress.
  • Thereafter repeat 4 x daily (qid).

This protocol may only be adapted by your DBM Physician / Practitioner