Candida & Oregano Oil

Oregano (Origanum sp.) Essential Oil

Essential oil from the Origanum species (several species of Origanum are sold as oregano) has shown even stronger antifungal efficacy than even thyme oil.  This is therefore one of the best essential oils to use for a yeast infection.  If you plan on using only one essential oil to treat your yeast infection, oregano oil would be a great choice.

Oregano Oil for Yeast Infection

There is a lot of talk about oregano’s ability to treat various physiological maladies.  So does essential oregano oil for yeast infection really work?  The answer is yes; and, there is a significant amount of scientific research to back this up (which will be discussed below).

Although oregano oil is possibly the very best essential oil for yeast infection treatment, you should not focus on just one oil.  Other essential oils contain helpful chemical constituents that oregano oil lacks.  By using more than one type of essential oil, you can harness the power of multiple chemicals to combat and kill yeast.

The renowned expert of herbal medicine Dr. James A. Duke wrote in his book, The Green Pharmacy, that mixing several herbs together is a prudent way to treat a condition.  Duke suggests that there is a healing synergy created when different herbs are mixed.  By introducing multiple natural compounds to the body, they are often able to work together to remedy a malady.  Chemicals may also combine to create still more beneficial compounds as well.

How to Use Oil of Oregano

Topical Use

You may use this oil undiluted on the exterior part of the body that is in need of application.

Oral use

Oregano oil is generally regarded as safe for human consumption by the U.S. FDA.  In general, use 1 drop of oil in 4 ounces of liquid or 1 teaspoon of honey.  Do not let children six years of age or younger ingest this oil!


This oil can potentially cause intense skin irritation.  Do a patch test of a small amount of this oil before you apply it to a sensitive area of the body.

Other Uses for Oregano Essential Oil

Of the different species of Origanum used to make oregano oil, you should probably choose oil made from Origanum vulgare.  Origanum vulgare is believed to hold the most therapeutic value.

Skin Conditions

It is believed that this oil is a good natural remedy for joint pains, muscle pains, cold sores, nail fungus, and dandruff.  Because oregano oil is so strong, it is a good idea to dilute it with another oil before you apply it.  Also, don’t use oregano oil on damaged skin as it can be very irritating.


There is a good amount of scientific research showing that oregano oil can kill many types of bacteria.  Some also consider this natural substance a good way to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Try using it on your body or adding it to cleaning solutions to naturally eliminate harmful germs.


Some natural medicine practitioners say that this oil is able to help stop colds and flus.  If you feel that you recently caught a nasty virus, you can take this oil daily and see if it offers any benefit.  

Digestive Health

Oregano oil has been used since the time of the Roman Empire to promote digestive health and functionality.  Try taking some of this oil regularly with a suitable herbal tea (one that also aids the GI tract) to possibly allay a gastrointestinal problem.

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