Cancer – Your Diagnosis What To Do

You have been diagnosed with cancer, here are some steps of what to do next

1. Stop. Don’t simply have yourself bullied off to the first open theatre for surgery or to the oncology ward for chemo or radiation. Your cancer is already between 3 and 8 years old and rushing into the wrong decision may result in slow and painful death. Once bodyparts or organs have been removed, they cannot be put back. There are always consequences. And there is a system out there that feeds on your fear and makes billions out of it, of which you will only be a statistic. The medical aid will offer to pay for oncology, but if you want to do alternative treatment, most doors will close. And that when there are alternatives that actually do work. Google and surf the internet. Answers are everywhere.
2. Being diagnosed with a dreaded disease is often the key to your awakening for “change” in your life. It is nobody else’s responsibility but your own to deal with your cancer. It is hard for others to understand or deal with your pain and fear. Therefore the onus rests upon you to set the wheel in motion for your own healing. It helps when your family stands with you in your decisions against chemo and radiation, after all, the dis-ease affects everyone around you, but if they don’t support your choices, it is ultimately still your body and your decision.
3. Make an appointment with the dentists to check for leaking fillings or root canals in your mouth / jaw. Amalgam fillings are linked to cancer, so have them removed, but follow safe protocols to do so, as per the information provided in our site. It is adviseable to have an x-ray taken to see what lies in the jaw.
4. Having a full blood count, cancer markers and liver blood test done to determine the state of your organs and immune system is adviseable to have a measured starting point. The liver test will indicate liver function, state of the liver ducts, whether cachexia has started and if your albumin levels are low (this is also important to determine shortages in your body to identify what must be added or concentrated upon in the diet, as cachexia is then the immediate enemy, not the cancer.). Testing for high ALT, AST, ALP as iindicators of enzymatic and cellular breakdown is useful.A drop in platelet counts give an indication of tumor growth.Cancer markers in your blood are an indication of a mitochondrial-damage cancer (that is an acidic cancer – i.e. the cancer markers are detectable in the blood) . If there are no markers in your blood, and you know you have cancer (determined only with a scan) following a treatment plan that is alkaline, may be detrimental to your fight against the cancer, giving it (an alkaline cancer) its perfect “alkaline” environment to grow in, as referred to in the pH Warning diet.Consult your physician to explain your blood report to you.
5. Change your diet. Permanently. You need preferably 70% raw food in your diet to put the enzymes back into your body that fight cancer and break down tumors.Know your cancer. There is a myth of acid vs alkaline foods which needs to be very carefully reviewed and understood before making changes based upon such literature.Also have a look at the metabolic classifications, to help you with more detail on what diet would suit your Nervous System better.Some rules:No milk, no sugar, no beef, no pork, no processed foods, no microwaves.Red blood cells require iron in order for the hemoglobin to be able to pick up oxygen. Makes sure foods containing iron (not tablets) are consumed. The program of the delivery of the oxygen also relies on the exchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide. Some cancers block the oxygen “receptors”, creating an alkaline environment where oxygen cannot be delivered. Low CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels leads to low oxygen exchange leads to low energy.Include apple cider vinegar into your daily routine to ensure proper digestion and absorptionWhere possible, acquire fulvic acid to add to your diet to improve cellular nutritional absorption
6. Reduce the exposure to carcinogenic components.Add carbon filters to all your taps to reduce your exposure to chlorine and fluoride, or use hydrogen peroxide added to your bath water to reduce or neutralize chlorine. The best would be to drink or bath in pure water. (River, tank, spring, borehole water, rain, unchlorinated water)Reduce the Electromagnetic Field exposure. Educate yourself about where it comes from and how it affects your body.Sodium Benzoate with Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) creates Benzene (a known carcinogen) – educate yourself about what enters your mouth – read food and drink labels
7. Stop smoking – the capacity of the red blood cells to carry oxygen and food into the body and toxins and waste out, is seriously compromised when you smoke – if you want to live, make the necessary life style changes to support Life.
8. You want to identify the cause! What has your body been exposed to physically, environmentally, emotionally? Did you lose a loved-one and have been unable to process your loss? Is your marriage “killing” you? What are you angry/bitter about that is gnawing at you? What is sitting in your mouth? Know your past and that of your grandparents. DNA memory may switch off genetic programs.
9. Do emotional, spiritual and mental housecleaning. Daily. Identify your motivations for living. You must have a dream or drive that keeps you inspired and stimulated to go on. If you are working know that soon your body will crash. Remember, irrelevant of your situation, you have to stop working and give your body time to heal.
10. If you have lost a lot of weight and struggle to eat, you may have cachexia already. This disease (in simple terms starvation) is the biggest killer of cancer patients and the inability to metabolise and absorb foods and nutrition effectively results in the body eating itself up. For this reason, the specific components in the smoothie recipe are vital to ensure the supply of the exact requirements of the body (which is already deficient in the release of pancreatic enzymes, bile, stomach acids, etc) Follow the smoothie recipe and juicing regime strictly (a mouthful every 20 minutes) to replace required vitamins and minerals and to rebuild your body rather than a full glass of juice once per day, which the body cannot absorb in one session.
11. Get natural vitamin D daily by sitting in the early morning and late afternoon sun (10 minutes at a time) to reduce pain and fight disease. Vitamin D supplements are mostly derived from pork skin and brain. Rather get your own direct vitamin D.
12. Start a treatment plan that helps your immune system to fight disease, (alternative options include for example the Faith Drops protocol, enzyme protocol, peroxide, cesium chloride, etc).Oncology protocols (chemotherapy and radiation) destroy the immune system and poison the body, the very defenses your body relies upon to heal. Literature on the truth of the oncology treatment plans is available on this site to remind you why chemo and radiation are not options. If you have had these unfortunate treatments, follow the mentioned steps to rebuild your body and to help get the poisons out of your system and to encourage the production of new red and white blood cells. Without cleansing of your liver though, you will continuously be re-poisoning your newly manufactured or received blood, which runs through the toxins still left behind in the liver every 20 seconds.Chemo is known to shrink cancer. As a component that attacks fast replicating cells, it also targets the bone-marrow (blood factory – of red and white blood cells), lungs, intestines and stomach, mouth, skin, nails, hair, the result of which leads to a secondary cancer inflating in these areas later.The recommended protocols are all designed to strengthen your body, the immune system and levels of your blood counts. Unfortunately, following tedious and committed rebuilding of your health, often leads to the opportunistic oncology department reeling you back in for more toxic exposure. Do not be fooled by the intentions of the system into believing that you will benefit from such treatments. The body can take punishment only for so long before it crashes.
13. Do not fly. With damage done to Chromosome 7 when flying, as well as the change in air pressure and oxygen levels, your cancer may spread and it is not worth the risk. Studies done on this matter, have been conducted on healthy people, not even on patients already living with cancer, and even on healthy people, this impact is noted. Our experience shows distinct and faster deterioration of patients who do fly within weeks of such trips. If you have to travel, do so by road, rail or sea where possible.
14. Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Fighting disease with a positive outlook and a good sense of humour is the best approach to healing. Laughter improves circulation, breathing, immune response and function, reduces depression, relaxes the whole body, triggers the release of endorphins, and has many other benefits.Touch is wonderful for healing. Allow your loved ones to touch you, to massage your body gently, to lie in bed holding you to bring your core temperature up.And live! Exercise (such as gentle walking) of 10-15 minutes 4 x per week improves the immune system, oxygen levels and allows you to get in touch with life again.
15. Detox detox detox – as the cells are dying and as tumors start breaking down, they become toxic to the body and the body needs assistance in getting this cellular overload handled. By doing Epson salt flushes the blood and bowel is cleansed, but ward against dehydration. One can carry up to 20kgs of stool/feces in the intestine and colon over the years, and this needs to be broken down as well. Coffee enemas are proven and used effectively to help drain the liver, and also cleanses the colon to a degree. Combined with regular consumption of natural apple juice (malic acid) that further helps to relax the laminin of the liver ducts, coffee enemas should be done regularly, daily if necessary. Dry brushing stimulates lymph drainage and enables further detoxification.
16. A wonderful addition to any protocol – grounding.Do yourself a favor and let the earth take your built-up static electricity and toxic gasses by grounding at least a few minutes every day. If you can’t stand on the ground barefoot, you can lean up against a tree. Touch it with your bare skin, even with just one finger. You can also use a metal pole that’s in the earth. Alternatives when bedridden, is to connect a wire to the “earth” point of a plug and leading that to your bed, connected to a wire coat hanger or metal plate, which you can touch a few times per day. Keep it natural.We may be faulted on many of our viewpoints, but the successful healing ratio of the so-called “doctors” and conventional treatments at 3 % leaves much to be questioned about what has been believed about cancer and its treatment for centuries.