Cancer – Pancreas Enzyme Deficiency

The Beard Connection between Cancer and the Pancreas

The trophoblast theory of cancer states that a tumor is actually the result of fast-growing healing cells (trophoblast cells) that our body failed to turn off. Trophoblast cells appear at the sight of injury or other damage. They “patch up” the damaged area enough to allow more complicated cells to start growing such as liver or kidney cells.

When a person smokes cigarettes, their lungs are constantly damaged. As a person gets older and their pancreas gets more and more stressed due to poor diet, sooner or later, the healing process is going to fail to be stopped at the right time and a tumor starts.

Carcinogenic materials often do not cause cancer until years after exposure. This is a mystery for most oncologists, but not if they know the Trophoblast theory. The carcinogenic material is not directly causing the cancer, if it was, the cancer would develop soon after exposure. It is the repeated healing caused by the stubborn presence of this foreign body that eventually causes a cancer tumor to start. The pancreas usually works well in younger people, so the healing cells are always stopped when they are supposed to be stopped. It is only when the person gets older that the pancreas fails every now and again.

Pancreatic Secretions Act on Cancer Cells

Immune System Connection

The immune system is designed to deal with bacteria and parasites (not of the body) and cancer tumors are created by the body. Therefore, the immune system is not going to destroy cancer cells. However, strengthening the immune system has helped cancer patients. This apparent contradiction is understood when you consider that bacteria and parasites damage the body where they reside and cause the body to go into repeated healing mode. As explained in the above section, repeated healing can eventually lead to cancer if secretions from the pancreas fail to stop trophoblast cells (used in healing) from multiplying. If the immune system can be augmented sufficiently to remove most of the bacteria and parasites in the body, the amount of healing happening in the body is greatly reduced. This removes the strain on the pancreas caused by all that healing activity. Now the limited output (due to modern diet) of the pancreas can concentrate on the tumor which is just a large collection of trophoblast cells.

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