Cancer – Finding The Cause

Cancer is certainly multi-dimensional with interconnecting causes on different levels. Cancer is related to a change in the biochemistry of the cell, and nutrition, malevolent agents (including medicinal drugs) and radiation can all directly affect the cell. On the physical level nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation caused by microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria (mycoplasma in particular), fungi and parasites, food intolerances as well as congested detoxification pathways (i.e. toxin overload), pH, toxic metals and organic xenobiotics, geopathic, electromagnetic, mobile phone and ionizing radiation stress can all be involved.

In our experience, the stress on the biology of the body, due to amalgam fillings and root canal treatment on molars, to be one of the first causes that should be looked at. Do review the research available on causes linked to cancer under our heading “You Should Know”.

On a psychoemotional and spiritual level suppressed negative emotions, emotional traumas, negative beliefs, systemic entanglements (Hellinger) and blocked or distorted bio-energy flows – as found in the acupuncture meridians (teeth and scar foci) – may also be contributing factors.

These trigger factors can make cells divide uncontrollably. It is hardly ever one cause but rather a myriad of causes all interacting over time to cause the cellular degeneration. Genetics is a small component of this cascade and predisposes the individual, but is usually responsible for no more than 7% of pathogenesis.

Orthodox medicine seems to only look at a local event on the level of the genetic material in the nucleus – something triggers this genetic material and the cell goes out of control, madly proliferating until a tumour develops. The tumour then becomes the enemy which we have to destroy using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation while ignoring the myriad of causative factors that were responsible for the cancer in the first place. The end result is a further damaged body and a high probability of metastasis.

The crucial goal in cancer cures is to eliminate cancer cells in the body, not simply the tumour. In order to achieve this one must work on many levels to bring the body back into balance, eliminating the causative factors and using non-toxic, natural remedies to halt the rapid proliferation of cancer cells, while modulating the immune system.

For more information, download the PDF – Psycho-Oncology – The 6-Phases of Cancer

Another natural alternative view of cancer and its causes are in the Open Source video below.

Cancer: Causes and Treatment by Barbara O’Neill