Brain Health

Taking care of your brain health is very important and can help you a more complete and satisfying life. As researchers and scientists better understand the brain, we better understand the different techniques you can use and put in place to help you maintain a good brain health.

Based on the plasticity of the brain, we now know that the brain is capable of rewiring itself. In other words, you can sculpt your brain and change it. The way to do it is by following different tips and techniques that you implement in your daily life. What is important is to start as early as possible so you can help your brain stay healthy for the long run.

The 4 pillars of brain health

Below, we will explain what are the different pillars and techniques you should follow to maintain a good brain health. All these techniques are complimentary and you should try to integrate all of them in your daily life. As always, this is a question balance. Simply doing one part while not focusing on the rest would not bring you the results that you could expect.

Physical Exercise

Latest findings and research clearly link physical exercise to brain health. Excercise is not only good for your body but it also an important factor for a good brain health. People who tend to exercise frequently have stronger cognitive abilities, are capable of focusing for longer periods of time and can have an easier time remembering information.


You are what you eat. Interestingly enough, the brain is also strongly affected by the ingredients you eat. You want to make sure that you follow a proper diet eating mostly vegetables, greens and fruits. Your brain consumes more than 20% of your daily energy so you want to make sure you provide it with the right nutrients and vitamins.


You want to avoid bad stress in your daily life. This not only affects your body and risk of cardiovascular disease, it can have a strong impact on your brain health and can even lead to some mental health issues. Through relaxation, yoga and other mind calming techniques, you can try to reduce your daily stress and maintain a good brain health.

Brain Fitness

New technologies are today available that can help you assess and exercise your cognitive abilities such as your memory, focus or even attention. Using Hemisphere Synchronisation or Neurotechnologies regularly can help you maintain a good brain health.Article Credits : www.mindfit.comPhoto Credits :