An Unproven Procedure

“How can that be true of the main cancer treatment in the U.S.”?

Fact is no solid scientific studies or clinical trials prove chemotherapy’s effectiveness, except in a small percentage of very rare types of cancer.

For solid tumours of adults, the vast majority of cancer or anything that has metastasized, chemotherapy just doesn’t work.

A German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg / Mannheim Tumour Clinic, Dr. Ulrich Abel has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done.

His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the Chemo Express. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centres around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject.

Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he does.  The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding: Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling”, because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers”.

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works! – Lancet 10 Aug 91, “No mainstream media even mentioned this comprehensive study: it was totally buried.”

Also compare the detailed scientifically referenced article Death by Medicine.

“When any chemotherapeutic drug is spilled in the hospital or anywhere en route, it is classified as a major biohazard, requiring the specialists to come and clean it up with their space-suits and all their strictly regulated protocols. Yet this same agent is going to be put into the human body and is expected to cure it of disease? What’s wrong with this picture€?

“…and since a picture says more than a thousand words, here is a reduced-size rendering of the burning and scarring resulting of chemotherapy fluid spilling onto the unprotected hand. Does this picture make one feel safer to have such an extremely aggressive toxic chemical administered within one’s body via intravenous injection? Knowing that our outer skin is actually better protected against any impacts than our inner body? That is also why nurses administering chemotherapy have to wear protective gloves and follow the most stringent security measures in case of any accidental spills of chemotherapy beyond 5cc.”

See also: “High risks involved in accidental spillage of chemotherapy drugs”.

“…chemo drugs are some of the most toxic substances ever designed to go into a human body, their effects are very serious, and are often the direct cause of death. Like the case of Jackie Onassis, who underwent chemo for one of the rare diseases in which it generally has some beneficial results: non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She went into the hospital on Friday and was deceased by Tuesday”.

“Prostate Cancer… Is one of the worst areas of chemotherapy abuse”; “Most men with prostate cancer will die from other illnesses never knowing they had the problem.” 

“Hormones have been used as therapy since the 1940s, with no overall improvement in survival. Early detection of prostate cancer has resulted in thousands of men being treated for a condition that would have been self-limiting. No figures are available for those who have died from the side effects of treatment when the condition would never have caused any problems or symptoms during the patient’s entire lifetime…Some studies show rates as high as 40% in autopsies of men over 70 in which prostate cancer was discovered which the patient never knew about, and which was not the cause of death.” 
Norman Zinner

“There are no randomized clinical trials proving that chemotherapy for prostate cancer increases long term survival”. (American Cancer Society, 1995)

Au contraire, a 1992 study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) demonstrated that: “There was no difference in 10-year survival rate between the men who did nothing at all and those who had treatment”. (Johansson)

In a survey of 79 oncologists from McGill University Cancer Centre in Canada, 64 said they would not consent to treatment with Cisplatin, a common chemotherapy drug, while 58 oncologists said they would reject all the current trials being carried out by their establishment.

Why? “The ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity.”
Philip Day, Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the Truth

“Drugs tend to worsen whatever they’re supposed to cure, which sets up a vicious circle”.
Dr. Dean Black in Health at the Crossroads, p. 20


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