Achievements and Challenges

The passion and dedication of the Doctors Beyond Medicine team has seen more than 6 million patients treated thus far. Our clinics have doubled since 2012 and continue to grow with new clinics added monthly.

Many patients have fully recovered from their illnesses with the successful treatment of Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV/Aids, Malaria, Tuberculosis to name a few.

Challenges in The Field

The Doctors are constantly faced with new challenges when serving at the community rural clinics where mainstream medicines and treatment protocols are not available and the DBM team are forced as a result to provide a sustainable treatment program that is not only always available to the patient, but one that is affordable.

The lack of medical supplies and medicines forces our teams to think out of the box and substitute these treatment programs with medicine that is readily available to their patients. In many cases the doctors will prescribe herbal and natural medicine as well as changes in diet. It is truly amazing to see the results.